What I’ve Learned From Chasing My Dreams

It’s been almost two months since I got laid off and decided to pursue writing as a career. At this point, I could go one of two ways. I could focus entirely on… Continue reading

The Misconception of “The One”

The Sweetest, Most Frustrating Thing Ever… *RANT TIME* You know what really gets my goat? This misconception of “The One”. The idea that there’s one person out in this huge world that is… Continue reading

Getting Let Go From Your Job

How Losing My Job Has Been the Best Thing In My Life “Steven, you’ve been doing a great job. We’re all proud of you and we’d hire you again if you had a… Continue reading

The Five Things A Man Needs

The Toolkit So things in life have been…frustrating for a lot of people lately, myself included. I’ve had a very drastic change in my world (which I’ll explain next week) and had to… Continue reading

Feeling Stifled At Home?

Feeling Stifled At Home? HAPPY JULY! July is always a special month to me (mostly because I turn a year older in about 11 days…). I’m feeling reinvigorated, and couldn’t wait to get… Continue reading

Hitting A Wall

Hitting A Wall Man, what a crazy year this has been. 50 posts deep already, and things have been amazing! This site has had an awesome reception, people really seem to enjoy the… Continue reading

Getting Back Out There

Getting Back Out There So awhile ago, I wrote a post on When Things Fall Apart, a guide to help you get through the times in your life when everything feels like your world… Continue reading

FIXED Mindsets vs. GROWTH Mindsets

FIXED Mindsets vs. GROWTH Mindsets SO…I READ A BOOK. Surprising? Not really, honestly I’m probably one of the biggest bookworms on the planet at the moment. But this one was AMAZING! I don’t… Continue reading

Why I Completely Disregard Social Value

Why I Completely Disregard Social Value Think of the last time you went out to a busy bar or club. As you sit there gazing around the bar, your eyes linger on a… Continue reading

Why you NEED to Stop Future Projecting

Why you NEED to Stop Future Projecting RANT TIME! Man I absolutely HATE Future Projecting. Like on a cellular level I despise future projecting. I’ve struggled with it for a long time, and… Continue reading