Hello World!


This took a little longer then I thought to put together, but I needed to be sure that I was prepared before the relaunch, so welcome to the new site! Mr. Social Fanatic AND Mr. Writing Fanatic have been crossed over into one website, TheSocialWrite.

My name is Steven Schwanitz, for those who don’t know me, I’ve been helming both websites for the entirety of their existence. In the process I became strained trying to update and keep both websites consistent with each other, so I received some great advice from a personal hero of mine named Bamidele Onibalusi to just mesh the two into a single site.

That day, TheSocialWrite was born! For those who used to read Mr. Social Fanatic don’t worry, the blog is still going to focus on Social Skills, Development, and Aptitude, and I’ll slowly be transferring all the posts from there onto here under our new Archiving system, which I’ll explain momentarily!

Who are you again?

I just thought I’d explain who I am here, and go over my plan to start out this new blog, and briefly explain what I’m hoping to accomplish with this website. As I said before, my name is Steven Schwanitz, I’m a Freelance Writer based in Detroit, MI.

I’ve been writing professionally since the beginning of 2015, starting both websites on January 1st! My best topic, the one that I glean the most enjoyment out of writing about, is Social Skills mastery.

When I was 18, I was a complete hermit. I never really hung out with people, didn’t have a lot of friends. I didn’t even have a clue as to what fashion was, and when a girl was around, I basically froze up…Okay, I became paralyzed with fear whenever any woman was around me. I hated all this shyness and quiet, I wanted to have friends, to know people who’d help me progress as an adult, but most importantly, I wanted to fall in love.

Beyond everything else, that’s what I wanted in my life. I can go deep into my story, but I’ll leave that for my next blog post, because I like to talk about myself a little too much!

What’s the plan Stan?

Uh…It’s Steven, but close enough! So in the next week I’m going to accomplish four things!

  1. I’m going to be putting up 7 pillar articles that center around the biggest concepts that becoming an outgoing and adjusted human being centers around. Each will have its own article, and will serve as a keyword when searching through the website as each post is going to relate to one or more of the pillars.
  2. I’ll be releasing smaller articles to start introducing each of the pillars, think of them as smaller articles, they’ll have basic tips, and start describing techniques that I’ve used to help get better at the subject, and they’ll be considerably shorter, easier to digest.
  3. I’ll be moving everything from Mr. Social Fanatic to TheSocialWrite
  4. And finally, I’m going to jump on setting up a free poster based around one of the articles I Plan on writing, and it isn’t going to be the only free thing, I’ll be building more as I go along! So expect a ton from this blog, it’s starting hot, and only getting hotter!

Stay Tuned for more! It’s coming quickly!


Stevenson Grey