Being a “Yes-Man”

You ever see that movie Yes Man? With Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel?

One of my favorite movies of all time. Not because of all of the crazy shenanigans that the characters get into, and not because I’m a humongous fan of Jim Carrey’s work. Im a fan because of the productivity Carl (Carrey) gets into when he agrees to the “covenant” that Terrence sets for him, and how remarkably true the film can relate to real life.

Each of us have a remarkable amount of control over our own realities, if we sit there and shoot down every opportunity that crosses our path, you’d be shocked as to how remarkably bland and negative your outlook can become. This was actually one huge factor in my own life, it being bland, for a long time, until I started researching and working on all of this social aptitude stuff that makes up this blog.

I came across this movie in a Walmart, and had heard that it was somewhat amusing, bought it, and watched it at home that same night.

“I shot a cow with a rocket launcher…I’m not proud of that one, but I did it man!” – Nick Lang (Yes Man)

I could take my eyes off the screen, my mind started processing everything about it. I ran through scenario after scenario of situations where this sort of thing could have vastly improved my mind.

My mind basically exploded after the movie was done, and I felt like I’d leveled up just a little bit in my quest to understand the social mind. At the time I was just starting on my social muscle, mind you I didn’t quite get the whole world control view that I now have, but I immediately saw the benefits of being a yes man.

I starting using the challenge that Terrence pressed on Carl. I may have used a little more discretion then him, but regardless, I started saying yes to every opportunity that I came across.

At first it was little things that I said yes to, trying coffee for the first time, going for a three mile hike, starting my flow arts as a hobby. It later moved into some of the crazier things in my life, going horseback riding bareback, trying zip-line and watching horror movies (that last one took a lot for me to work up the courage to do). All of these things have greatly impacted my life and I’m so much more open and confident as a result!

Time to get back to how this can help you however. Have you ever felt like you life is bland, and just not fun?

Have you ever felt scared of trying new things, just because you didn’t think it was worth the risk? I know I certainly did, and it took something this unorthodox to tear me out of my rut, BUT IT WORKS.

All I ask, is that if you have ever felt this way or feel this way right now in your life, go out and buy or just rent this movie, and put some serious thought into becoming a yes man for a little while. Use intelligence of course, there’s no need to be doing things that are super hazardous to your health, but start trying every new experience that’s offered your way!

Go out to the bar on a work night, go sky-diving, go walking through that haunted forest near your place, but do it without thinking, is this worth it? Go into every one of these experiences thinking, THIS IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

It Helped me, I  guarantee it can help you.

“You slowly begin to realize that your not saying yes because you have, because some covenant tells you to, but because you know in your heart, that you want to” – Terrence (Yes Man)


Stevenson Grey

Yes Man. Dir. Peyton Reed. Perf. Jim Carrey and Zooey Deshcanel. Warner Bros. Pictures, 2008. DVD.