The Most Powerful Word in the World

What’s the most powerful word in the world? It might just shock you to find out, might blow your mind a little bit.

It starts every interaction we have, is hardwired into our brains as the quickest way, the shortest distance between two people. It’s the basis and the beginning behind all of our friendships, business partnerships, loving relationships, and one of the constants that lasts throughout the duration of knowing any single person. What exactly is this word?


Too simple right? Such a small word, and yet we give it so much importance. Yet because of how much pressure and power we put behind this simple 5 letter word, it attaches this shroud of insecurity, and makes it difficult to even utter it to a random stranger.

The reason I know this, is because I used to be that shy kid who stood in the corner at parties, who didn’t utter a sentence in the line to anyone, just contentedly drinking my pop/beer/water. It’s frustrating, believe me. It almost makes us feel powerless…right?

So then, how do we go about gaining our power back, and how does this tie back in to the word hello? What are you even talking about Steven? I’m talking about tying a positive motive behind a word!

I discovered this forever ago, and it was one of the first things I implemented when I started to make my advances in learning to be social. I used a system that I’d heard of in a book that I used to be obsessed with, it’s called The Game; by author Neil Strauss. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.

The concept that I’m talking about is called anchoring, it’s about anchoring a feeling, with a specific action, or object. It was introduced by Ross Jefferies in the book, but the original concept comes from neuro-linguistic programming.

Now I’m not going to go too far into the situation that it’s introduced through in order to avoid copyright infringement and for the fact that I don’t want to stay on point, but today I’m going to tell you about one of my secret weapons, we going to use Hello, as an anchor point, and bring forth emotions that when done correctly, you won’t be able to not approach people!

So the basis behind our approach is much like the others that I’ve spoken to you guys about, take a few minutes before you go out, whether it be to the bar, to the bank, or just to exercise your social muscle in general to prepare yourself. This should happen about the same time that you flood your mind with positive thoughts, what I’d like you to do is this.

Think about your friends, your family, any and everybody that is close you at this point in your life. Think about all the good that has stemmed from having these people in your life, and all the wonderful conversations that you’ve shared, how close they’ve brought you…Got them all in your mind? Good!

Now the next step is to associate the fact that you’ve shared all these things and done all these things because of this one powerful word that you utter each time you see your loved ones, how each time you see a new individual, and then suddenly years later you look upon them as a friend and cohort, a partner in crime even…all of this is because your power word, Hello…

Let it ring in your skull, continue to say it aloud as you imagine all these things that you look back upon and smile with. You’ll find that in no short amount of time, hello continues to bring back those memories, it becomes a motivator to create and feel those positive emotions, and at that point, you’ll practically be bursting at the seams to make a new friend, to create no memories and experiences, and all it takes, is for you to gain the confidence, walk over to that cool individual who in all actuality isn’t that far away, and say…



Stevenson Grey