The Power of Curiosity

Hey There Guys,

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been sharpening up my approach skills, and I discovered something quite amazing, the Power of Curiosity. I’d walk around (insert random location where you seem to find yourself), enjoying the day, sunny, cloudy, whatever, and I’d see a group of people.

Now of course my first instinct is to approach everyone, entertain them for a moment, then be on my way. But recently I’ve noticed an odd trend; I’m much more drawn now, to those who are actively working on some sort of process that involves more than just standing around texting people. The perfect example is my friend Ahmee.

Ahmee and I met at a concert, Mastodon, really sweet. Me and him smacked heads in the mosh pit in the front rows, and then wound up talking after the first set. Now I and he are good buds, and all because the man piqued my curiosity, he, amongst everyone in that entire concert, was the one person who I really got to know, weird how that works right?

What I’m getting at here is that often times people catch our attention for any number of reasons, maybe it’s an attractive member of the opposite sex, maybe they’re just a unique person from another part of the world, maybe they’re doing an activity that you may or may not have ever witnessed, or possibly never even heard of (Thai Kickboxing for example). If you feel curious about these people, that isn’t just some inherent thought that’s causing you to look over, that’s an actual feeling that lies deep within your brain, and if you listen closely, you can almost hear your brain screaming at you to go over there and approach them!

This is what I’m asking you to do this week, every time you see somebody that makes you curious, go over there and just say hello, if it’s an activity they’re doing, ask about it, if it’s a girl your attracted to, just ask them about themselves (or use the dating advice which the blog will no doubt extend to eventually, for now, I highly recommend blogs such as the attraction institute or girls chase, both of which are really good sources for advice on that matter).

But regardless of what made you feel the curiosity, the important thing is that you act on it. Josh Pellicier said in his book the Tao of Badass that Attraction = Curiosity, and Curiosity is a Powerful concept, it’s a power that can forge friendships that last a lifetime!

The thinking behind the process is the fact that you already have a small bit of energy invested in this person, and the investment can go a long way, it builds your interest in a very innocent way and gives you the motivation and desire to just speak with them, from there, you can figure out and decide whether the two of you are compatible for friendship or a relationship. Like a try it before you buy it type deal.


Stevenson Grey