The Secret Behind the Smile


Today I’m going to explain one of the simplest, yet incredibly world altering moves you have to do if you take on this skills set, the most helpful thing in your arsenal of social weapons! You don’t even think about it, but boy it bubbles to the surface whenever we think about something happy!

I’m talking about your Smile! That weird thing you do when your lips curl up? Holy crap is it important when you go out. Honestly more than anything else, if you wand the appearance of a happy, approachable, and most of all likable.

I know it’s easy to just pull an armadillo, and frown, cross your arms and kind of hide, but have you ever had a conversation with someone who looks super deadpan like that? Kind of hard to keep the flow of conversation going honestly, because you just don’t know how it’s going in their mind.

Smiling is absolutely key, when you walk up and start speaking with someone, just smile not insanely, there’s no need to be crazy about it, but just a friendly little smile goes such a long way you couldn’t even believe. Now when I pitch this point to people, I get a surprising amount of pushback, people just don’t want to believe that smiling is basically the key to being social. I’ve gotten a lot of the same excuses thrown my way, these two in particular…

“No one just walks around smiling, that’s just weird”

or even better…

“I just don’t like my smile”

WHY? I get why you don’t want to smile, I just don’t get why you don’t by default. I used to do the same, and believe me when I say there was a long period when I hated my smile. I have an over-bite that’s fairly extreme, and covers a large portion of my lower teeth, a blessing in disguise, because my front row of bottom teeth are all messed up, causing an odd bite, and no short amount of self-ridicule.

Did I have the option to get braces? Hell yes, but did I get them. No, and honestly you couldn’t pay me enough to get them. I hate anything to do with dental work, and was always willing to have a crappy smile in exchange.

This weird self-image of myself is one of the few things I never took solace in when I was younger. Knowing that I didn’t have to get them after all chances were I’d pull them off, as I said I hate the dentist office. Besides, they weren’t necessary on me, so I’m the last person to judge who has a bad smile, and most people don’t care.

The fact of the mater is, people who radiate positiveness do so through their smile, and it’s such a small gesture, that I’ve come to believe that the isn’t the smile itself that we’re attracted to. It’s the implication behind it…confused? Let me explain.

When is the most common time that we smile? When we’re happy right? A huge smile washes across our face, and we might even laugh a little bit. Our entire presence changes, and in our ridiculous reptile brains, our smile changes the immediate environment around us. Which causes those around us to pick up on the new aura of positivity (seems like a word to me) in the vicinity!

When I see someone smile, I feel this pull. Almost a need to go up and figure out why exactly their smiling, and see if it’s good news, because I ALSO WANT TO FEEL HAPPINESS.

You See? Your happiness has an immediate impact on the world around you, and because we as human are so powerfully attached to our feelings and we all want to be happy, any avenue that might bring us to that emotion is generally welcomed! Besides the external reasons for smiling, there’s a huge reason as to why smiling makes you just a generally happier person in the long run, experts on behavioral psychology have discovered that Smiling actually lowers anxiety and stress, and isn’t that something we all need a ton less of? Lord Knows I do.

One more thing before I go, How exactly do we go about keeping a smile on our face? Especially if its something that we’re not exactly geared to do at all hours of the day? Well to this I’m going to reference back to one of the people I learned how to do all this from, a man by the name of Marcus Oakey.

When you go out, before you go out specifically, take a minute or two, and just fill your brain with positive thoughts! Like everything that makes you happy, and holding all that in your brain, you’ll realize that your smile is never far away!


Stevenson Grey

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