5 Awesome Goals to Keep You Motivated


“Goals aren’t meant only for those with vision, It’s only when we stop pursuing and creating new goals that our eyes become blind” – Mary Joyce Schwanitz

This quote comes from a personal Hero of mine, my Grandmother, may the universe bless her. She was easily one of the biggest reasons why I’m so driven at every hour of the day. It took me a long time to understand what she meant when she told me this, as I was very young when she told me, and I never got the chance to ask her what it was that she meant. It was a testament to developing myself as a human being, and in all actuality, these words are far wiser the longer you think of them. I won’t get to in depth with it, as I’m sure you came to this post to hear the list of Goals instead of my ridiculous prattling, but basically they mean that when you stop pursuing your goals with gusto, when you stop chasing your dreams, you stop progressing as a person, which is both terrifying and mundane, which none of us wants.

Hence the reason why I advocate constantly creating new goals when you achieve the last, they keep you looking up and forward, but in terms of social development and dating, it can be difficult to know where to start, so in an effort to help you keep moving, I’ve listed the 5 goals I started with when I started learning how to do all this, they’re all short term goals, because you already have your long-term goal of who you want to become, so here are five small things you can go out and start working on right now to help progress in your social development. Once you start accomplishing your goals, your motivation will come much easier, and it’ll go from a chore trying to move forward, and quickly turn into a natural momentum that’ll get you up and running every morning, ready to spring into action!

  1. Go Out and Practice your Positive Body Language (And observe your conversations partners as well)

The awesome thing about this goal is that it’s a continuous thing, all you have to do with this one is go into a conversation with anyone, observe the natural body language that you have, and make any adjustments, for a list of body language tips that you can start with click here. As you exit each interaction, you can make a mental checklist of what you need to work on, and what you’ve gotten down. As you work through your time, you will see massive improvement as body language might be difficult to initially understand, but once you have a firm grasp on what you’re doing, you’ll notice that your interaction are mostly held on body language, and that the content of what you’re saying often acts as nothing but a place holder (Note: There are many exceptions to this, so I recommend that you keep the conversation light and controversy free while practicing this).

  1. Make a New Friend

This one is a little tricky, as it’s a little more long term, this goal shouldn’t be rushed, but since it’s one of the desired outcomes one desires when they normally work on learning this skillset, it’s a good idea to meet someone you connect with, and just ask them if they’d like to hangout, they more difficult part of this is actually following up on that! Develop a successful friendship with someone, especially when you’ve had a difficult time doing so is an awesome feeling. Once you start to get to know someone outside of their little world, things become more invigorating as you build memories together and that’s something that can ever be replaced.

  1. Approach Ten Strangers with no intention other than saying hello and seeing what their life is like at the moment

Pretty simple all things considered, approach ten people or groups of people on the street, this pulls you into the mindset of seeing potential friends and contacts instead of strangers. Once you start to develop that mindset, working on this skillset becomes marginally easier. It also teaches you the right and wrong things to do when approaching someone, and shows you that just because you don’t know them, doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to speak with them, it also teaches a valuable lesson in being outgoing!

  1. Survey Five People on your Approach and Conversation Skills

Humans are normally very open to giving people pointers, tips, and critiquing (maybe that’s because we don’t like to mind our business?) so it’s very simple to ask people to survey how you did in the conversation, you might get a few queer looks, but since your trying to improve on your conversation skills, what does it matter? Here’s how you go about it, engage a person, or a group in conversation, when the conversation ends, before you guys go your separate ways, just ask them really slyly something along the lines of “at this point I’m working on my social skills, trying to get better at meeting and speaking with people. Do you have a moment to let me know how I did engaging you in conversation?”, Something like that. Ask about your body language, how you managed to keep them engaged, how the content of the conversation was, and things of that nature. They’ll generally give you a couple pieces of advice from their own repertoire of social experience, and then be on their way, that gives you the ability to just take in and think on what they suggested.

  1. Approach a Group of Members of the Opposite Sex

Okay, this one might take a little bit of encouragement. This was kind of a big step for me, because I just had never done it before, so going up to a group of women was basically like charging an invading army with nothing but a stick. The advice I have to give is to go up to them without any intentions or designs on the future. All this practice is supposed to teach you is showing you that it isn’t impossible, it doesn’t need to be scary, it can be an enlightening experience, and you’ll quickly learn to love approaching the other gender, as it becomes a learning experience. So try it once, without any intentions, don’t ask any of them out, don’t flirt with any of them, just go talk to them and have a good time, show yourself how brave you really are, and grab a beer or a milkshake afterwards!

The basis behind these goals are that it’s supposed to start easy, then get progressively more complex as you get deeper and deeper into the skills, that your supposed to be pushing yourself more and more. But if you’re not quite sure where to start the five goals above provide a decent amount of challenge for the young socially developed individual. They give you perspective, broaden your horizons, and show you that while it can be a little bit difficult to go and speak to people, once you get used to approaching people around you, it can be enlightening and amazing, and that it doesn’t need to be scary. So go out, have a good time speaking with new people, and then go treat yourself on your small accomplishments!