Finding Passion


I know, I can already hear the question in my mind “Steven, Why on earth is Passion important, and what in the hell does it have to do with socialization?”. You be surprised to find out that it has a remarkable amount to do with your own social development. Once you find where your passions lie in your life, it opens a huge amount of alleyways.

What you’re interested in outside of just speaking with people tells a whole lot about you and helps define who you are in terms of communicating with individuals. It reveals bits of your personality, shows your happiness and when people see that vulnerability, that sudden joyous look that comes across your face when you talk about that things that you love to do, your true personality shines through.

As people learn who you really are, they begin to feel a connection with you, a deep meaningful friendship that becomes ingrained in both of your brains. From there on, you have a good friend to call upon and grow with, someone to assist you in life’s pursuits, and celebrate with you in the victories that either of you accomplish.

As you show your personality, it gives the people in your life a broader perspective of who you are. It shows people that your a go-getter, then you take life by the reins and refuse to work through the mundane routine of the mundane. You’ve colored up your life, and that’s just cool.

Anybody on the planet is going to look at you with a new light, because Passion is one of the most attractive things on the planet, not just in terms of dating but people will flock to individuals who show so much passion in their lives if even to just to get to know the person. People get to know others with Passion, because all to often to do we find ourselves caught in a society where many people just don’t care about anything.

So it acts almost as a beacon, showing a mundane world that you can find beauty, fun, and excitement with a bit of searching and some hard work. When you show others that you’re willing to search for new things, it also makes people look at you in a higher value, almost leader like position in that area.

From there on out, you become an expert in that area, and those that know you will often refer to you if they have questions on the topic, which in turn fuels your passion for whatever activity you’re doing because you know more then your friends about it. It just becomes synonymous with who you are, they consider you their personal expert in the field, which makes you more valuable to those who need your opinion on something.

One of the biggest reason why people connect with those that have passion, as I’ve stated already, is the fact that many people live without it. They search for it, and yet haven’t been lucky enough to find their own sense of passion, haven’t been lucky enough to stumble upon that which makes their hearts beat faster and makes their eyes see clearly.

So people often times search for something to give their lives a little more excitement. People with passion have the ability to inspire others, they live with an excitement that others wish to experience. So people will have the desire to possibly do the same or something similar to what your doing, simply because of the joy that it clearly brings you.

If people have a Passion that they love, but they haven’t worked up the courage to pursue it, or they just don’t know anyone to bring them into the community that surrounds it. All they need often enough, is a little push in the right direction.

There’s no greater feeling then watching somebody fall in love with a hobby, nothing better then seeing somebody’s eyes light up when you introduce something that drastically changes the way they look at the world, nothing at all.

Not only does it inspire others, Passion has an innate ability to change the way you look at the world yourself. It shows you a direction that you might not have thought to take in the past, reveals a part of who you truly are to yourself, introduces you to a community of people who all take interest in the same thing that you can learn from, and has the ability to change your life in the greatest of ways.

It can even be a force so powerful, that you break free from the bounds of the mundane society that we’ve all become subjected for, and pursue your Passion in its entirety. You become a foremost expert in your selected field, and base a living off of what it is you love most…If that isn’t a powerful force, then I don’t know what is.

One of the most useful aspects of finding your passion is it’s ability to color up your conversations, people too often speak about one singular thing with everybody. When you find what your passionate about, you become a slightly different individual, and people are remarkably good at picking up on that.

You just seem more alive to people when you have passion in your life. A little more emotionally in tune with who you are, and it brings a powerful new edge to your view on the world, the things that you say, and the things that you do. Everything that you involve yourself in will reflect that.

The deeper you involve yourself in what you love, the more those new starling elements of your personality will shine through, and the more people will notice the change that has recently started taking place in your life. Some may reject it, others will rejoice in it, but everybody will know that you’ve become someone new, even if the change is minuscule. People say that nobody can change, I call shenanigans on that, because these pillars, passion included change you drastically.


In order to understand how to gush about what you love, you need to have an understanding of the difference between gushing, and bragging about it. Nobody likes it when someone just brags about something, it’s super egotistical, and vanity is one ugly quality. So the last thing you want is to brag to someone about it.

Bragging, in my opinion comes from a mindset of arrogance, basically it comes from thinking, Intentionally or Otherwise that knowing that information you do, makes you better then the person or people that you’re talking to. If you believe that you’re superior to the people around you, then it will come out arrogant, and makes an all around less enjoyable experience speaking to you.

You’ll just sound full of yourself, which is vain. But while being arrogant and full of yourself isn’t cool, sometimes people can’t help themselves, they just are.

Gushing meanwhile, comes from a place of joy, and happiness. You gush about something when you think to yourself, “this makes me happy to do and talk about, so I want to share it with you because you seem like someone who can appreciate it.”. While the two can sometimes go hand in hand, gushing comes more from a place that you’re equal to those around you.

Instead, you want to know and communicate with those around you and hopefully bring out their opinions on the work that you’ve accomplished. That, right there, is the difference between Bragging, and Gushing about the things you love to do.

The pros to learning how to gush are the facts that people will be more willing to converse with you, and you’ll find that you’ll have more people that speak with you on a normal basis. It just assists you in your attempt to become a social individual in the long run, because honestly I avoid egotistical people like the plague.

It’s not that I can’t deal with how in love with themselves they are, it’s just that I don’t like to talk about one thing EVERY TIME I see them. Regardless of how interesting it is to watch someone grow as an individual, nobody is that interesting, believe me.

While you might be afraid that what you’re saying is coming across as bragging, it’s important as all get out to let people know what we’re interested in, it helps us weed out individuals that are going to hinder our progress in our lives. You quickly learn the difference between those with passion, those searching for passion, and those that reject passion.

There are different reasons for why each type of personality is the way that it is, and figuring out who you want on your team is very important. Those with passion will understand and rejoice in the fact that you’ve fallen in love with an activity, they’ll work with you to try and find a way to either collaborate, or at the very least help each other with an idea or something of the like.

These are easily some of the most useful people to have in your circle, they enjoy hearing you speak, they enjoy speaking on what they love, and most importantly they understand full well just important it is to stay fresh and grow in what you love. These people will normally be able to teach you something, and will sometimes even fall into the mentor category.

The other two are a little more tricky to navigate with, because sometimes they like to disguise themselves as the other. People are often times unsure of themselves, so this must be forgiven but regardless, you’ll still need to decipher who is who. Because bringing more people into a community, and maybe even showing someone something amazing is something to be cherished, and nobody likes it when someone just ignore things that you love.

Those that search for passion rarely know exactly what it is that they want to do in their lives, I for instance, had nary a clue that I’d want to be a freelance writer, it took stumbling upon a community and a few people showing me the way for me to learn that. These people will often show a curiosity for  a lot of things, unsure of how to start, or whether they even feel if it’s worth it.

Change is a scary thing, taking a step into the darkness, unsure of how it’s going to go takes a lot of courage. And the best thing for these people is to help out in any way you can, having a friend at your side as you grow is a rewarding thing, and reminds you that your not alone no matter how much that may seem.

Meanwhile, those that reject Passion are often frustrating, sometimes it’s a temporary condition, sometimes people allow it to completely control who they are. In any case, these people are usually confusing and disheartening to encounter.

The thing with these folks is the fact that they’ve allowed themselves to just get caught up in the mundane of the world, you’ll often find these people lurking at home, convinced that there’s no excitement to be had out in the world. That the only way to survive is to just follow the normal boring routine that we’ve been subjugated to for so long.

If you manage to encounter one of these people (and it will happen on more then one occasion), you needn’t try to change their mind, it’ll often prove to be too difficult to change their mind in the moment. They’ll even go so far as to stomp all over our passion and try to change your mind, because they want to inflict others with the same type of mindset that they have, spread the misery around a little bit.

But you know what the good thing is about these people? They can be easily ignored, they don’t often pursue it, being too wrapped up in their own world to bother with yours. So if you encounter individuals who just try to tear you down, to stop you from what you love, ignore them.

So how do you Gush? What is the process used to keep you away from bragging, and why is it so important? It takes a bit of self-observation in conversation, keeping an eye on your tone, that way you don’t just come across as arrogant. Keep a close lookout on both your tone and the mindset behind your intentions, keep it at a joyous telling experience, and if asked, teach a little bit.

Just don’t assume that they know nothing, genuinely inquire as to how much they know about it, ask them if they enjoyed what you did, and most importantly, if you’re willing express a willingness to teach them if they request.


You ever encounter those people who never seem to talk about more then one thing? Those people who are so fixated on one thing that talking to them is like watching the same movie over and over and over again?

This is what happen when you become nothing more then a topic. These people are constantly surrounded in static, they think of nothing else, because nothing else is important to them. This is just one of the things that can happen if you don’t find what you’re passionate about.

If you are encompassed by a single thought, it can lead to depression, confusion, and many other things. But more than that, it can become quite a frustrating experience, as many individuals don’t like to be around someone who only thinks in a 2-D fashion.

Another common path is one that’s been spoken about already, falling into the monotonous routine that’s been set up for us. Graduate from school, get a nice 9-5 job that’ll usually make you want to smash your head against the wall, get off work, go home, space out until you have to go to bed and wake up the next day.

Sound awful right? No Passion means no desire to grow, which is terrible.

How do you avoid these fates? How do you run away and escape from the routine? With experimentation of course.

Passion cannot only be taught, it can be found, taken, bent to your will. So that’s exactly what I propose you do, get out there and go find out what it is that you’re Passionate about. If you need a quick example, I’m Passionate about Writing, Socialization, Fire Spinning, Soccer, Reading, Music, Reptile Husbandry, and so much more.

I didn’t just find these things overnight either, I was taught some, I went out and discovered the rest. Your passion is influenced by your Attention, by what you think is important. If you dedicate the time to an activity, you’ll quickly find that you can become proficient in anything you so chose to.

When you fight back against the mundane, you’ll find yourself fighting back against a lot of resistance when you first start. The world has been shaped to work one way, or so it will seem, to acclimate and help people who allow themselves to be mundane. It may take a while, but you’ll eventually realize something that will open up the world, and make it your oyster.

The world was actually shaped by those who dared to follow their own path, not that ones society would have you follow.

When you decide that you want something more then what society would give you, it makes your mind begin to think more critically. When you find your first passion and start working on it, you’ll find that your brain will want to find the other things you love.

It’ll want more, because humans just can’t get enough. It’s worth the search though, because each passion will give you a valuable skill set  that you can employ in various parts of your life.

Passion is amazing, you won’t be able to get enough of it, it’s almost like a drug, and normally you’ll find that you want to introduce as many people to the experience as you can. Try to curb the enthusiasm, your heart’s in the right place, but you don’t want to try and force people into it. It’ll seem like your just trying to cram a bunch of stuff down people’s throats, and they tend to react badly to that.

If you are going to try and introduce people, try to influence them to find their passions. Just make sure that they are open to the experience, someone with their eyes closed aren’t going to open them just because you requested it. You have to remember that not everybody wants the same thing you do, some people want the mundane, and if that’s what makes them happy, that okay!

There are many others who can be introduced to the things you love, if they get into it, awesome! But what about those that you know who aren’t into what you’re into?

They’re simply looking for encouragement, it your friends are curious about going to an activity that they’ve expressed interest in, you should be all for it (unless it’s something foolish like hard drugs). Encourage them to do it, check in with them to see how it went afterwards, or even better offer to go alongside them to encourage them in the moment. Having a friend there helps, and who knows you might find that you enjoy it yourself, there-by finding a Passion for you to develop, and an activity for you and your friend to build on together!

Passion can come from anywhere, can take any form, and can be found in just about anything. So as you search, look high and low, look in areas that you never would have thought to before. The search for what you love can be a fun, trying, challenging, beautiful experience.

Something to suck as much juice from as possible. It’ll show you a ton about yourself, and you’ll feel yourself grow along the way. Discovering who you are is no easy feat however, and you’ll find in the end that it’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey you took!


Stevenson Grey