20 Social Hobbies to Find Your Passion


So, in my master article about finding your passions, I brought up the ideal of using social hobbies. To introduce you to new people, help you make connections, AND possibly help you develop your own vision of happiness using your spare time to pursue the passions that interest you. Now it’s not like you HAVE to pick some of these to go out and do, but I thought it might be handy of any readers that might be struggling to make friends…

  1. Book Clubs

Let’s start off with a classic; book clubs have long been a staple for meeting new people, and showing your intellect around a book that the group has all agreed on, and then discuss over a set period of weeks. Depending on both the length of the book, and how much the club reads each week.

Joining a book club also shows you the interests people have, and gives you an idea of what they think about simply based on their observations and the books they choose. I get that there’s that stigma about being lonely and being in a book club, but as someone who’s biggest hobby is arguably reading, I can tell you with certainty that you’ll never find a cooler group of like-minded thinkers who share the experience of literature. Then working together to find meaning through the words woven by authors.

The best part of Book Clubs is the fact that a lot of them pick books based on the individual desires of the group. Either each member gets to pick a book, or maybe it’s agreed upon unanimously.

Then the daily, weekly, monthly meetups, its fun to work with the people around you to dissect the piece of literature, and worst comes to worst, know what topic you can always draw endlessly? Books that you’ve read, and/or want to read!

  1. Writing Group


*Credit Goes to AEngineer

What if you don’t only want to discuss thing that you’ve read? What if your an individual who writes as a hobby, or writing a novel or other reading material of some kind, and want to know what others think of it? Just join a writing group!

You’ll receive a target demographic that you can use to learn how well written your book is, expose your unheard poetry to the world, see what people think of the premise behind the short story. These groups are supportive, useful in a whole myriad of ways, blunt on occasion and more than all of that, it’s a way for you to learn about story-telling. A crucial skill to develop if you have the desire to become a well developed individual, you need to be able to tell an engaging story!

Aside from the personal uses these groups can provide, it can also help you gain a mentor in your work. A smaller author who can give you advice which is always helpful to get. Who knows, you might just bump into a few people that you might find impressive and useful, and try collaborating, which is a wonderful feat in and of itself.

  1. Toastmasters (Public Speaking Groups)

LET’S MAKE A TOAST! Have a secret love for Public speaking? Or better yet, Have a secret fear of public speaking that you’re looking to conquer?

Then look no further then the local chapter of Toastmasters! This is easily one of the most impressive groups I’ve ever seen. Their chapters lie in almost every major city, and you’ll never quite meet two people from the same place in their lives and yet all of them are on the path of becoming entrancing story tellers. Simply because they share a love of public speaking.

The supportive nature of the group paves a wonderful foundation for new members. After all, a community of story tellers weaves a tight bond between linguists of this nature.

Many of the members are open to critiquing, and even more are more than willing to part advice if you ask for it. But won’t say anything if you don’t want them to, as they understand that learning to speak aloud is a personal journey.

  1. Concerts (Live Music, Big/Local Shows)

I can say from the perspective of a concert junkie, that this is a wonderful hobby to develop. The introduction to music of all types at any given random concert remains one of the most exciting experiences.

Many people only have the musical know-how of finding bands that you hear on the radio. Try going to an obscure show every once in a while, even if you go by yourself, I can almost guarantee you’ll not only have a good time.

You’ll probably surprise yourself, because chances are you might just bump into some people that share musical interest the same or similar to yours. Or somebody who’s also just going the concert by themselves, or better yet, someone from your past that knew you in a very obscure way, and might become friends from there!

  1. Acting/Improv Classes

Have  a love for acting, yet never acted a day in your life? Maybe you should get yourself over to a local college acting courses, or hit an improv class and learn the art of wit, of thinking on your feet.

If you take either of these classes and wish to see an actual audience from the lights of a stage, you can always network with the people in the classes about any possible spots in an acting performance. Many local theaters will give the opportunity to put on performances, usually which can be auditioned for, after all, not every performance is done on screen!

  1. Flow Arts


*Credit goes to W Watson

Personally, my favorite way right now to meet people. What’s a flow art, you ask?

A flow art, is any kind of contact or  advanced method used to manipulate Fire, LED, and regular flow toys. Whether they be Poi, Contact Staff, Hoop, or whips. If you don’t think that there’s a community near you, you might have to do a bit of searching for it, as the communities for this hobby are pretty underground right now.

But the chances are, you can learn the moves through tutorials online, then when you get good enough, you can either go to a music festival or some other big open event and perform there.

Please Note: When you are performing with flow toys, Both regular and LED toys can be used, as far as I know, without a license. But the regulations on fire toys vary from state to state, and so I urge you to look up the specifics of the fire performing regulations in any area that you chose to light your props on fire!

Please Note: Fire is Dangerous, Reckless, and you can be hurt, so make sure to follow the proper safety procedures when playing with fire!

  1. Acro Yoga/Yoga

Yoga classes, where women flock to get in shape, and the men dream about it happening. For all intensive purposes however, it should be pretty simple how you can make new friends right? If you’ve got a question as to the difference between Yoga and Acro Yoga, Yoga is more like this, the typical downward dog type routine that you’d encounter anywhere else.

Acro Yoga however, is more like this, or this. You team up with a partner, or two partners, to stretch out the limbs, and work together to implement more advanced and aerobic movements.

Yoga classes are relatively easy to find, with the members bonding over how worked out they feel, and seeing the same people with some regular amount of frequency breeds familiarity and a curiosity for peoples well being. So asking to get together with one or more of your classmates wouldn’t be any big stretch of the mind.

  1. Recreational Sports Leagues

Are you a sports person, but can’t stand watching them on television? Maybe what you need is to join a recreational sports league!

I just got done with a soccer league myself, and got tight with a couple of the members on my team. I love to play, and you’ll never know what’ll come of it. I walked away from two invites to different leagues!

The best part is, while you can join a serious league, many of them aren’t super intensive. So it’s more like a weekly commitment to meet up and play a game, meet some new people, and usually create some lasting friendship.

  1. Cooking Classes

Cooking class, delicious food, an interesting ten weeks, and the chance to meet new people? Sign me up right away please!

Joining a cooking class is easy, an awesome way to get out of the house. It’ll teach life skills, and new ways of thinking of food so that you’ll easily be able to create recipes of your own from the knowledge you’ve gained. Plus, you can always host a cooking party at your house, and invite all the awesome cooks you know to taste the food you’ve created with the medium that all of you know well.

  1. Language Classes


*Credit goes Shane Global

Language Class, another awesome avenue for meeting people. The people that I’ve known that have friends from language class all have one thing in common about those friendships is that they’re unnaturally close! Learning a new language challenges a huge portion of your brain, so if you’ve worked alongside someone learning such a skill, it probably ingrains them in more then just your memory!

Plus then you have the added benefit of being able to speak to others in a new language. Which if you like to astound people, or plan on moving to another country, can be quite a useful skill.

  1. Astronomy Groups

Astronomy groups, these as far as I can tell are a little more random. When you are introduced to these groups, it’s usually close to an astronomical event, where using equipment would normally be construed as a normal thing.

But in the rare chance that you’ve an interest in Astronomy and you do locate an astronomy group, I wholeheartedly recommend that you attend (if you’ve the necessary equipment). Meeting people with this specialized is a remarkable achievement, as it certainly isn’t the cheapest of hobbies.

  1. Bartending School

Need I honestly say more? A useful and trade-worthy skill, with a new job market opened up, an awesome time with some awesome people, and drinking?

Everybody is impressed by a bartender, and the chance to break out some crazy bar-tending ability in your own home? Pretty much makes you righteous in any group honestly. Plus it’s an awesome chance to network if you intend on actually making a go in the career field.

You’d get the chance to meet with many possible job connections if you know anyone who is a bartender already. On top of that, you can possibly turn it into a private bar-tending gig with parties, which always gives you a bit of cash on the side.

  1. Biking

Did you know that in a lot of suburban towns and cities, there are biking groups? This was completely alien to me until I moved to Detroit. The sometimes massive groups of people that ride around together on the bicycles could easily be seen for three very useful reasons.

One, It’s an awesome way to workout and stay in shape, after all, all that biking is going to put quite the strain on your body. Two, you might find some cool new areas if it’s an inner town or city biking group, so it’s an awesome way to discover and find your way around a new town if you’ve just moved there.

And three, it looks like one of the best ways I’ve seen to make friends in a hurry, after all, riding our bikes is normally pretty remnant of our youths, so the connection that’s made would put a very distinct and positive outlook on the relationship. Plus it helps prepare you in case you decide to participate in a marathon, biathlon, triathlon, or anything like that.

  1. Dance Lessons


*Credit goes to waegook 084

Dance Lessons, an awesome way to get to know friends, and possibly meet a new love interest? Believe me, you gotta try at least one lesson. If you think you can’t dance (and believe me, I can’t), you should at least attend a couple salsa lessons. Believe me that while dancing is a lot of fun, it’s cooler then anything else to bump into someone who knows the dance as well or better then you!

Random encounters of dancers usually winds up making you feel like your from a dance movie, and honestly there’s no better activity to laugh at yourself at. Dancing looks kinda funny, and that connection with the people around you can lead to some awesome last minute adventures after the classes!

  1. Hiking Enthusiasts

There are a large amount of outdoorsy types of people, though they’re more common in certain cities like Salt Lake City and Austin. The Hiking community is a fairly large one, considering all the ground that can be covered with cities surrounded by nature parks. It’d be hard not to find at least one crew of hikers that would take on possibly some frequent incursions into the wilderness!

  1. Volunteering

Volunteering can lead to some awesome opportunities. My friend Nick works with the Artists GRiZ’s street teams, and was invited to work closely at the concerts the artist throws around the area, even gotten meet the man a couple times.

No matter where you’re volunteering at, you’ll quickly realize that the community behind such actions is huge! Your bound to find at least a few cool people to interact with.

Plus at places like that, you’re supposed to interact with people, there’s no room for shyness while volunteering. People will usually be inclined to come up and speak with you about matters pertaining to the activity or event that your volunteering for.

  1. Skiing or Snowboarding


*Credit goes to 胖胖 Image Studio

­­Skiing and Snowboarding, the activity’s usually based around snow. In my part of the world, it’s only limited to one season out of the year, and personally I lament not living in an area with year-round accessible mountains.

You’ll meet all sorts of people from all over the county on the hills, from locals just having a good time, to people who travel from area to area to test out the hills there. Plus, when you’re stuck on the ski lifts with you and a stranger, are you going to sit there awkwardly for ten something minutes?

You’re both going to the same place, might as well become familiar with each other on the way up right?

  1. LARPing or Battle Re-enactments

For all the fantasy and historian geeks, I had to include these on the list. I can say without a doubt that there’s almost no greater feeling then charging into battle with sword and shield in hand.

After a couple hours of activity like that, you can be sure your going to be exhausted, then you can really get to know the people around you! You’ll find that all different kinds of people enjoy these types of events, and that it’s more then certain that you’ll find a couple people from these events that you can vibe with.

  1. Picking up an Instrument

PICK UP THE GUITAR! PICK UP THE DRUMS! Believe me, picking up an instrument and demonstrating even the smallest increment of musical talent immediately makes you awesome in peoples eyes.

After all, who was cooler then that guy at the party who could cover every generic guitar song right? I suggest you take it a lot further, put in the time and dedication to learning your instrument, and you’d be surprised how many people you’ll bump into with an equal amount of talent who want to jam out with you and your French Horn.

Plus, you’ll never know what avenues this particular hobby will lead you down, you might find your life’s path, or just join a local jam band, the possibilities are endless!

  1. Shooting Ranges

This one was a bit tricky to think of, but I gained the information from my friend Andrew Wade, who clued me into the fact that the shooting range can be a valid place to meet a few knowledgeable people in the hobby of shooting. Who knows, if you’re also into hunting you might just connect and get to know a few others who also enjoy the sport, then your dream hunting trip can become a reality!

Final Words

In the long run, nobody is overly picky about how they meet people, I know that when I started this who journey, I wanted to make more friends and accomplished it, I have indeed! Many through some of the above hobbies that I’ve listed!

So at the end of the day, even if you didn’t connect with someone on a super deep emotional level (which would be super weird if you’ve just met a few people for the first time), you can always gather number from the people that you did meet. And set up hangout session that get to know them further or worst comes to worst, you can always meet them next week and catch up about the crazy stuff that’s happened to you since you last met, and then ask for their number!

That doesn’t sound so bad does it? Get out of the house, go do something fun, and go work out that social muscle!


Stevenson Grey