THE CONFIDENT STRIDE – PT. 1 – Walking With Intention

THE CONFIDENT STRIDE – PT. 1 – Walking With Intention

Hello all! Welcome to my first series posts, the confident stride, where I break down the body language necessary to present your confident stride! Before I get started, I’d like to explain why this post is called Walking with Intention.

As men, we have always been perceived as needing to have a plan of some kind. Think about it, men have long been known for having the gender role of Hunter/Protector. So in order to protect and provide what was ours, we used to have to have a plan of action, we couldn’t just sit there complaining about what was wrong.

Something’s wrong, it used to up to the man to fix it. While gender roles have changed quite a bit with the adaptation of modern society, the need for men to have a plan of some kind certainly hasn’t. Men need to have some sort of plan with what they have to do, men need to have intentions behind their actions, something they are working towards should be driving them!

So, when you’re walking, you should be projecting the notion that your confident in your ability to handle obstacles because you have an end goal that you’re working towards (whether that’s a short term goal or long term goal doesn’t matter).

So, how do you go about accomplishing such a feat? How do you successfully project that sense of direction and focus? BODY LANGUAGE FRIENDS! 60% of everything we say is projected through body language!

Step 1: Your Feet    WIN_20151029_190829

The walk is a pretty easy change, many people (without realizing it) tend to try to plant all of their foot on the ground at the same time. What this shows people is that you’re so focused on making sure you’re not pushing boundaries, you’re not sure of yourself, so you need to be grounded. The confident man doesn’t worry about this, he rolls his foot as he walks. He starts with his heel, and rolls his foot forward until only his toes touch the ground as he pulls his leg back up for another step.

This should go without saying, but I feel the need to say it anyway.


Buy proper fitting shoes and lift your feet, that’s so important it’s unreal. Heel to toe steps show people you take the time necessary to accomplish things, and that you aren’t necessarily afraid of not being grounded; you’re willing to take risks to get what you want.

Step 2: Your Gait

Next thing to address is your actual walk, you’ve got the step down, next thing you want to adjust is your gait. Confident men take more space, they need it, simple as that. So don’t be afraid to swing your legs out a little further, you don’t want to swig them out to far, don’t go bow-legged on me here.

Think of it this way, give yourself a little more room for your genitals (excuse the language here). The last thing any guy wants is to get hit in the nuts, and it’s embarrassing as all hell when a guy does something that ends with him somehow hitting himself in the nuts. So make sure that you’re giving a little more clearance for your testicles.

The second thing to adjust with you’re gait is how FAR you’re going with each step. Many unconfident people take smaller steps due to the subtle fact that they don’t enjoy stepping outside of their comfort zone. The smaller steps allow them to keep moving forward WITHOUT having to step out of the crowd.

So, your goal here is to take further steps each time you step forward. you don’t want to jog, and there’s no need to walks super damn fast, just take farther steps to make more progress each time you do so. This gives others the impression that you know where you’re going, without being in a rush to get there.

Step 3: Your Torso WIN_20151029_191456

This change involves your shoulders, neck, and chest. It’s all in one motion, so it’s relatively easy to accomplish, but difficult to maintain (as in, it’s difficult to commit to muscle memory). It involves pulling your shoulders back.

Straighten your back out so that you’re standing up straight. When you’re straight, pull your shoulders back, just enough so that you feel some tension on the back of your neck. You’ll notice that these two motions will push your chest out forward.

What this does is presents a more confident space, standing like this is the stereotypical way that confident men stand, so it projects a more confident and almost mysterious vibe. You’re telling the world that you’re on a mission, and that everything that you do is helping you achieve your goal.

Step 4: Your HeadWIN_20151029_190929

The fourth and final step of walking with intention is your head and facial features. The head is a relatively easy process, simply turn your chin up ever so slightly. The un-confident people need to have their head facing directly ahead of them, usually facing downward just a little bit so that they don’t trip over anything.

Or they watch their feet to make sure they aren’t walking funny, or that they aren’t walking to fast or slow or…you get the point. The Confident man knows where he’s going, and other then occasionally looking down to make sure his feet aren’t dragging, or that he isn’t going to bump into anything.

He’s confident in how he walks, so he doesn’t need to check himself every few seconds, he knows where he’s going and has a rough idea of how to get there. Most importantly, he’s confident that he looks good, so he has a smile, or at least a smirk across his face. If you need advice on smiling, read this article here!

The Final Word

So then, how do you make sure that your doing all this? EXCERSIZE. PRACTICE, no matter how many times I’ve said it, I can never say it enough, practice it.

Go to a place with a lot of mirrors, walk in closets, your friend’s house, the mall, wherever you need to go to practice and go for it! The key to this whole ordeal is that you’re trying to get confident, so what’s more confident than practicing that confident in front of other people with disregard for their opinions? Very few things, believe me.

When you get the walk down, not only will it project confidence, but it also projects approach-ability. So people are more likely to speak with you in normal everyday life, not that they wouldn’t before, but it’s more of a sense that they WANT to speak to you more, because they’re inclined to find out more about you. After all, who is this person who’s so confident in themselves?

This is also worth mentioning, there’s an attitude adjustment that’ll happen when you get this down. Being confident in your walk will affect your mindset, it’ll increase your attractiveness to other people because in your own mind, because you’ll know how confident you are in your stride. Self-belief goes a long way in terms of sociability and dating. Believing in yourself and being intune with yourself goes a long way when projected to other people, so really learning to walk confidently actually creates confidence in yourself, it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Radical, right?


Stevenson Grey