THE CONFIDENT STRIDE – PT. 2 – How to Back Up the Walk

THE CONFIDENT STRIDE – PT. 2 – How to Back Up the Walk

So, last week I gave you the how-to on how to walk the walk. The body-language that comprises the confident walk is quite powerful and can create a new aura in and of itself, but you need to have some way to back up your claims. It’s awesome being able to look confident, but what’s the point of looking like that unless you are actually confident?

So what you need to do is learn to have two things under your belt, your mission and your good-looks. What you need is to realize that you’re on a mission, there is a path set for you in life that you’re traversing, and you need to know how good-looking you are. Gain those two pieces under your belt, and you’ll have all the knowledge in the world that your walk is confident.

But how do you develop this mindset of your mission, if you don’t know what yours is? How do you break through the negative thoughts that occupy your mind and trick you into thinking that you’re not as attractive as everybody else, when it’s plain to see that that simply isn’t true? Positive Affirmations and Positive reinforcement! I could write a whole book on developing a positive mindsets and Body language, as both of those topics are as numerous as the sun. But here, in this article, I’ll simply go into the rational behind what it takes to back up the walk, and then I’ll start working on more articles about body language in other encounters and the many different mindsets you can take when developing your personality, sound fair?

Building a Positive Framework

So, your positive framework is going to be based solely on the best experiences in your life. Before you go out for the day, I want you to take a couple minutes. Insecure people who don’t walk tall do so because their framework is based solely on surviving through the day. Which is another way of saying that they try to anger as few people as possible and view a lot of things in a negative light.

What a positive framework allows you to do, is flips a switch. Instead of having you moving constantly under a frame of negativity, you build a foundation for your walk on good memories, and good intentions. That’s why you take a step back and reflect on all the good things that were, are, and will be going on in your life.

So, when you go out, you’re not focused on the bad, the key here is to focus on the good elements. Confidence is all wrapped up in the mind, and therefore, it’s largely based on how you view the world, that’s why you see so many confident people who are happy. So, you’re playing into the positive encounters and memories in your life, rather than the negative.

That’s the general gist of a framework.

Walking with an Unclear Goal

So, in both part one and this article, I mentioned using the fact that having a goal helps build up confidence while you walk right? But then, how do you do that when you don’t even know what that is? What if you haven’t figured out what you want to accomplish in your life? The truth of the matter is having that specific goal isn’t needed yet.


That goal isn’t necessary yet, the important part is the fact that you’re working towards something. So while you may not know what that something is, but you have a feeling in your gut, a desire to aspire to something, so that’s what you focus on.

You’re searching for your little piece of heaven, and everything that you’re doing in the meantime is simply time used to accomplish the littler goals until you’ve realized your dream. Whether that is to write a book, snowboard every mountain on the planet, or have a skyscraper you’ve designed grace New York’s skyline. Get It?

So until you have that dream built into your head as to what you want to accomplish, you focus on that fact that you’re working towards something, something that’s important to you. This also means that in your downtime, the last thing you’re going to want to do is blackout until you have to get to work the next day, you want to be searching or working towards what you want.

When you have that mindset down, you’d be amazed at the confidence you feel. Self-empowerment is a worthy cause something to be proud of, but too many people don’t follow through, so long as you’re searching for something in your life, you can be confident that you’ll find it! Even if you’re still searching, I can guarantee that you’ll feel more confident, and your walk will reflect that.

Remember, it’s not about the destination; it’s the journey you took.

How do pretend that I look gorgeous?

This one is a little more tricky, as pretending to look sexy is a sure sign of insecurity, so, we just have to make you realize something different! That your actually one good-looking sonofagun.

How do we do this? You use positive affirmations to challenge your limiting beliefs; you slowly challenge your limiting belief until it’s been converted into something new. That’s the gist of it, I’ll also be writing an in-depth post on the full process of how to do something like this, but for now, I believe a small three step idea challenge will do the trick to help get you started.

Step 1

Currently your belief is that you’re not good-looking. Take that, and say to yourself, would I feel better if I am Good-Looking? It would at least make me happier to think this way.

Take a little while and instill it in your brain

Step 2

From there, you want to ask yourself, there’s almost 7.5 billion people on the planet, if I think I’m good looking, isn’t it even a little bit conceivable that a few of those people might think I’m good looking?

Step 3

Now that you’re of the mindset of “there are some people who think I’m good-looking”. You can officially say that you are good looking, like the mighty Bruce Lee always said “As you think, so shall you become” So, use this small method to build a solid foundation behind your walk, and feel free to tell me of your progress! I’d love to hear from everyone!


Stevenson Grey