10 Bullshit Myths About Personal Development

10 Bullshit Myths About Personal Development

So I’ve been pretty annoyed lately, frustrated with the way that people view what I do. There’s so much negative stigma behind “self-help”, which is a term that I despise to my core. I’ve heard the same ten Bullshit reasons my entire career as a writer in this niche, and so I thought I’d dedicate an informative post to tear through all the reason as to why said bullshit reasons are just that, bullshit!

People who close the doors on anything that even suggests a form of change are the most close minded people on the planet, they’re the exactly the type of people that are the most content just living life on other peoples terms. Open your ears folks, because I’m gonna fill ‘em with some knowledge.

Myth #1: Personal development doesn’t work

BULLSHIT! Personal Development completely works! I myself am a testament to that. I fought tooth and nail to get to where I am, and it’s almost entirely thanks to everything I learned using self-help books.

People often times look for a quick-fix, something that’s going to fix their issues overnight, something I can tell you from experience that doesn’t exist. Change is a commitment, something you have to stick to, and learning tricks from people around you and those that post what they find online are simply to help you guide your life. Personal Development works better than almost anything else I’ve found!

Myth #2: Personal development coaches don’t know what they’re talking about

BULLSHIT! Coaches are often times people who’ve gone through everything that they’re teaching; they aren’t two-bit losers that are only out for themselves. If that were the case, why the hell are they trying to help those around them?

Of course you have to be careful, do your research on coaches before taking seminars or paid lessons from them. Make sure you know that they’re out for the greater good, and aren’t just trying to take advantage of you, learn from those you trust! Your intuition is much more powerful then you think, if you look into a coach and it’s clear they won’t help people, and then find someone who will!

Myth #3: There’s no real substance to personal development, it’s only meant to make you feel better

BULLSHIT! I’ll be the first to say that many people who preach self-help are arrogant assholes who simply give people some vague description of purpose and use feel good language to help brighten you up for a couple weeks. But if you are really looking, when you do your homework.

The coaches that get starling reviews, and stick around the longest are the ones who go out and give you practical advice on how to blast through your insecurities and give you the tools you need to start turning your life around! Those people are the ones you want to follow.

(For a list of people who really care about helping you figure your stuff out click here!)

Myth #4: You have to be born with confidence

BULLSHIT! Confidence is learned, Confidence is Internal and something that you acquire overtime, something that is learned as you learn to become reliant on yourself and settled into the fact of being able to control your reality. It’s something to aspire to, and something that can be achieved if you believe in yourself.

With practical advice set out by some of the best coaches on the planet, massive action and a can do attitude, Confidence can become more than just this vague concept that seems improbable to accomplish. It becomes a reality.

Myth #5: I’m not good at anything

BULLSHIT! Being good at something is relative! If you never try anything, how do you expect to get good?

Action is necessary to get good, when you go out and discover hobbies that you enjoy, then you’ll find that your learning curve will often blow your expectations out of the water. Before you know it, you’re good at a whole menagerie of things.

Before you’re good at something you’re new at something, that’s how progress works. If you consider something important, you’ll get better at it. Everybody is good at something, in fact, everybody is good at multiple things.

The key is to go out and find it!

Myth #6: I don’t have time to change my life

BULLSHIT! Not with that attitude you wont. Change comes with determination and generally it starts small, start with a tiny change. Change a habit, pick up a book, start writing your thoughts in a journal.

I understand that some of us have massive responsibilities to people. Maybe you work 80 hours a week. Maybe you have a wife and children, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a few minutes each day, and at least start the process of change.

Start a side project, read a couple articles on a self help blog like this one (something I might add that you’re already doing, way to go!!), change starts small, and grows bigger as it’s importance to you grows as well!

Myth #7: Personal development costs too much to be worth it

I changed my life, and I spent very little money. Some people like to go all out, they like to attend gigantic seminars where you’ll see some of the most thought provoking development coaches spin words that explode you confidence, causing it to soar to new heights. I chose a more personal path, you can completely change your life, simply by picking up the act of reading everyday!

Aside from the occasional e-book that I would buy most coaches release their books for free, and if they do charge money it’s usually a small amount. I may have spent about 100 dollars total on turning myself around, and that’s over a period of 5 years. Believe me when I say that change is not a monetary number, it’s a journey that centers itself around you.

Myth #8: You don’t learn anything useful from personal development

BULLSHIT! You can learn an unbelievable amount from this subject! How do I know? Because I’m a testament to it’s power.

There’s so much information out there, that there absolutely has to be info that pertains to your situation! Blogs like this one aim to give you practical advice as to how to change your life, not just some vague description of purpose (on that note, stay away from The Secret, books awful).

This community doesn’t want monetary gain from you, it wants to help you be happy. Getting to the point when you wake up happy everyday, with the knowledge that you accomplished something is a remarkable feeling, and we want to help you get here, because we love bringing people into the fold!

Myth #9: People don’t change

BULLSHIT! People change all the time, anytime something has weight in your life, it changes you. When you meet a new friend that has influence on you, you change. When you find some new hobby that changes the way you spend your time, you change.

Whenever somebody has introduced to a new perspective on a topic, you change. We change constantly to our environment, adopting new ideals to keep ourselves provided for. Food, Sleep, Sex, Work.

But what about our own personal fulfillment? If you stop focusing on keeping yourself satisfied, that’s when you stop seeing change for what it is. A force to be controlled, a self driven journey that prevents us from shutting down. I say we change for the better, don’t become stagnant, because that when you truly lose your ability to see the beauty that the world has to offer.

Myth #10: You can’t control your life; you just deal with what life throws at you

BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT! So much bullshit it’s spilling out of the drains! If you just allow everybody else to control you life, and don’t control your own decisions, you’ll find that life can be a little more…grey. When you start taking active steps towards self improvement you’ll discover all new elements of your personality that you didn’t even know about.

More then that, you’ll be happier in the knowledge that your making steps towards filling your life with things that make you more joyful. That in the end, you find that all the excuses that you make for yourself, all the bullshit, will eventually drain away. Those chains that you used to have on you, all the expectations that you felt you needed to fill, shrug away pretty easily.


Stevenson Grey