13 Blogs to Help You Gain Perspective

13 Blogs to Help You Gain Perspective

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails on requests. Requests that ask me which blogs I would “endorse”” I guess, other blogs that I read on a daily basis. Ones I would recommend its validity to my readers because I trust those websites and the content on them.

So, I decided to make a list of 13 sites, a number that’s weird and stands out, because I think it would help everyone if I showed them the same sites that I got into that really helped me along the way.

  1. Art of Manliness

Oh Art of Manliness, why must you always make me feel like I need to be more manly? Stumbling upon this blog was one of the coolest things I ever discovered on the internet. I’ve downloaded all the free content they have, including the cookbook, and have always loved the content that this team puts out there.

I enjoy their podcasts, and especially love their articles on prison workouts and the So you want my job? series they put out there. This blog focuses on the lost art of manliness, hence the name, and even puts out an ebook called 30 days to becoming a better man, which has a fun routine that boosts ones confidence in himself relatively quickly.

  1. Alden-tan

Looking for some Goddamned honesty? Look no further, Alden-tan.com is the premier blog to look at if you have a strong constitution and hate beating around the bush. Alden is a young B-boy who knows how life likes to throw a lot of bullshit your way, and that in the end, the main person you need to be able to rely on is yourself.

He gives you straight forward advice on how to handle stuff, practical relationship advice, and blunt truths that people all too often need to hear, yet shy away from out of the simple desire of wanting to keep up their own illusions to themselves. Please be warned, Alden’s website uses alot of swear words.

  1. Develop Good Habits

This site is just really well-built. Develop good habits is a righteous site to learn how to make or break your habits, which can also teach you a ton about yourself and your own sense of willpower.

Whenever I have a personal habit that swings a little bit out of control I refer to this site first to see if they have a guide. Keep this site on your browser, and you’ll find it to be a useful tool in changing the little intricacies that frustrate you!

Plus, the writer, SJ Scott, is writing from a testing point, and is keen on keeping people up to date on new discoveries. Something I truly admire as a fellow writer in the field.

  1. Lifehack

Lifehack, what can’t I say about this website? This site covers every base in terms of personal development and considering it’s a multi-author site, you get a huge amount of coverage, to the point where it can be hard to keep up on the site. Plus, many of their authors have sites of their own, which makes finding new places to read up on self-help relatively easy.

Plus, the quality of the articles is very strict, so the site truly cares about what it’s putting out. Signing up for the subscription gives you awesome new articles every few days, so even if you never visit the site, it’ll still give you useful articles for a quick read.

  1. Live Your Legend

I love this site, I can’t sum it up in any other way. Scott Dinsmore (the original author, who passed away all too recently) is easily one of my biggest influences in life, if it weren’t for that man, I wouldn’t have even have thought about writing any of this. He largely advocates finding your passions and finding a way to live your dreams and be happy and free.

Scott spurred me into action, he helped me discover a solid path to travel and thanks to his advice, I’m now trying to help others do the same. This was the very first blog I stumbled upon when I started learning all this, and often times catching myself looking back through its oldest articles out of sheer pleasure.

  1. Real Men Real Style

This site is just cool. If you are a fashion freak, or think you could use a bit of an update on style, you should totally subscribe to this site. Antonio Centeno is the master when it comes to men’s fashion, and the service that he recommends to update your wardrobe is amazing!

Plus his articles are intuitive, and you can learn the nuances of style at any pace you so wish! He also operates at the Art of Manliness, and his manner of teaching there is much the same on his own site, so his expertise is genuine.

7.Your Charisma Coach

Marcus Oakey, that genius sonofagun. If you’re looking for more social skills information, look no further then that site right there. I learned so much from him, and while he may not post as much as the moment, every video on his vlog is in a nice neat archive.

When you read through Marcus’ work you quickly develop an admiration for him, simply because he just so good at what he does. If I completely lost my ability to communicate with other people and had to start from scratch, his resource would be the first place i’d go.

  1. Tiny Buddah

Tiny Buddah is bodacious! The basis of this Multi-Authored site is to take information that you gain (either from the site itself, or from other locations) and think on it. To take a step back and look at things from a different angle. From a viewpoint of what does the most good for yourself and others, and therefore contains many articles on inner piece and happiness.

This website was an early influence on me, and is a fantastic resource to call upon when your looking for a huge change in your life. Centered around the concept of peace within yourself, it could be the exact resource you need when you have a general question as to where you should go next!

  1. Nerd Fitness

Steve, the writer behind the website, is easily the epitome of fitness! I don’t know him personally, but I do know that he smokes me on Pop Culture nerdiness 6 days out of the week and twice on Sunday (And I consider myself one nerdy dude)!

Combined with the added bonus of probably being able to bench press me, he’s the only guy I go to with questions on fitness, eating healthy, and building muscle mass (something I should probably put more focus on, I’m skinny as a rail). He’s had amazing results, and if you want to see the success of his students, click here!

  1. Life Without Pants

Life without pants, just the very name caught my eye when I was looking for more valid resources to look into one day, and boom, life without pants, how can I not click on this site? Nobody is posting too often anymore, the author is spending a lot of time writing life without pants into a book. But the general gist of the site is to help people work from home, build a business they can be proud of without another boss, i.e. the tagline…

“Pants Optional”

The advice he gives is useful, and applies to a lot of different situations, he understands that some people who want their own business can’t just leave work, they have responsibilities. So he shows you an easy way to build a life without just quitting and starting over.

  1. Zen Habits

Leo Babauta, the writer for ZenHabits, is a man who lives simply, his family and habits are based around a happy lifestyle. He’s a vegan, and lives in such a manner so that he has less clutter, less material things and more room, so that he isn’t overwhelmed with so many things to do that there isn’t any. Leo’s one of the blog I go to first to see if he has any advice, because he regularly updates his blog so that your never left begging for more, and the man just knows what he’s doing in terms of personal development.

  1. The Bold Life

The Bold Life is a wonderful site, The Bold Life is about living with confidence and laughing in the face of fear. Unfortunately the site is no longer being updated, as the author, Tess Marshall, felt that she had written everything the blog needed and has decided to focus on other things, but she was so cool that she decided to leave the archive up, and its filled with awesome articles on building yourself up.

The blog may have finished its run, but with articles like Beat Anxiety and Depression by Changing your Brain and How to Triumph Over Fear, it’s easy to see why I still view it as one of the most reputable blogs on the web right now.

  1. James Clear

James Clear was one of the people I looked upon as a mentor of sorts. Well, not a mentor exactly, I’ve never had the pleasure to meet James, but the guy is so inspiring at his craft! Every time I read a new article from him, I feel newly invigorated.

James has built his blog around assisting people from every occupation learn to overcome their fears, build habits that enable productivity, and fight back against procrastination. His blog is regularly updated as well, so you never have to fear about being left in the wind floundering, he satiates your thirst for more knowledge regularly.

Some personal development and dating coaches would get upset and irritated if you told them you were learning from more then one person. Not those who truly care however, they realize that people need to learn from more than one person.

Why would you pick one open door and close all the others right? By peaking through every door you feel the need to you might just make some connections that otherwise would’ve remained hidden if you hadn’t! So don’t be afraid to read more then one resource, this isn’t about the coaches ego, it’s about your journey!


Stevenson Grey