Action is Imperative


You know what’s possibly one of the most frustrating things on the face of planet? Watching people who want more in their life, know what they want to try (or know the want to try something) and yet, give only poorly built excuses and refuse to take action!

We all know people like this, they build themselves up, puff out their chests and claim, I’m going to do something with my life! Hope in their eyes, and for whatever reason, their hair is blowing in the wind (even though it’s like in their bedroom or something). But what happens when they try to go out and do it?

They run into the first obstacle, and instead of trying to figure their way around it, they collapse under the strain of fear, or sadness, and their chests deflate. Then they just become resigned to the fact that apparently it’s just impossible right now.

It’s frustrating especially if you’re someone who does take massive action. You want to see your loved ones achieve, but how does one start to take action in their life?

It’s entirely based on our own desires, so in the end, they have to want it bad enough to go out and take it, but a lot of people aren’t like that. They don’t know that there’s always another solution to a problem, many people create an excuse as to why they can’t do something. They want something more, yet are on a constant path of self-sabotage because they’re afraid of their own success.

Which if you can believe it, is more common then you’d think. People want so many things, and yet if we get pushed, we get excited about it, but in the end, they don’t do anything! They choose inaction, to stay in that frustrated state that they are in!

But why is it that we fear change? What is it about taking action freaks a lot of people out? Why is it that people want to change, and yet are unwilling to commit to the course? Well, go on, ask me!

Why Don’t People Take Action?

As far as I’ve been able to tell, there are three main reasons why people don’t like to take action. Three things that kick people to the curb and hold them back from the things they want, simply put many people want so many things, but any of these things, is enough to side line many people who aren’t naturally in the mentality of action-taking (a mindset that I normally call action mode, makes it sound a little cooler in my mind).

  1. Being Afraid

This one is pretty obvious, fear is a huge inhibitor in a lot of peoples minds, it’s an instinct that is literally telling us that we’re scared of the consequences of what we’re doing at the moment, or scared of what might happen if we actually start to do these things.

But if we haven’t done them yet, why are we so scared? More then that, what exactly are we afraid of? Are we scared of failure? Of seeing our dreams go uncompleted, so we just decide to not take action at all?

Are we possibly scared of success? Of what might happen if we get everything that we want? Could we possibly be scared of change? It’s nice to have these thoughts of what we want in our brains where they’re safe and locked away, but what happens when they come to life, What if they aren’t what we wanted after all?

Or, is it a combination of everything, almost like a fear of an outcome, a weird thought…

  1. Being Overwhelmed

Taking on one’s dreams is a huge overwhelming task, and it makes it difficult to start when your looking at the picture as a whole! Overwhelm is that feeling you get when you have so many things that need to get done, so you decide to take a nap instead. Overwhelm is much more common then you’d think, so it’s no big deal that it’s there as there are several ways around the problem.

When you’re facing your issue of being overwhelmed, it’s easy to make little excuses that make you feel as if you’re going to accomplish it, just not right now. Clearly you have to do this small thing first, then that small thing. Like pay your bills, or get through making sure the lights stay on by working, then you can begin to think about preparing and getting ready to take on your dreams…A little confusing isn’t it?

But, if these two problems, Being Afraid and Overwhelmed are common issues that are easy to take with the right mind set, what’s the third issue, that’s one of pure frustration?

  1. Being Indifferent

Surprising? You want to achieve these goals but you have no drive to get them done, if you don’t truly care about wanting to do something, do you really dream of doing it? You love the sound of writing the great American novel, but don’t think enough about your future where it would take prominence.

Instead you sit there, with the definitive thought that you’ll get there, but you only see where you are now and where you want to be, and don’t think about the middle section of the process. You shrug off the desire to do it and don’t even give yourself an excuse to do so, you literally just refuse to work on it. Eventually it’ll be done, and that there’s no reason to work towards it right not, because you can always do so later. So, stepping back, you can see why that might be an issue.

So far, I’ve given you the ways as to why people don’t take action in their lives, why they sit there frustrated or even smug because they believe they want to do something. Yet how do we get around these fears? What methods can be used to not necessarily fight back, but to harness our desire to get through these obstacles?

How do I take control of my drive?

I’ve listed the three reasons for not taking action, and full disclosure, I went through stages of all three of these obstacles. In the personal development community, you’ll find that many people have developed the same or eerily similar ways to help get around all of the stuff that prevents us from achieving our dreams!

  1. Looking at fear as a good thing!

It’s a weird perspective of looking at things I know, but think about it, that fear of the outcome when you get started, is going to drive you to create the best version of what it is you want. You’re not going to half-ass it because you want people look at this new thing you’re building and be amazed at your creation.

So in a sense, Fear, can be harnessed as a drive. A drive to create the best version of what you want, and more then that, it can breed confidence as you progress. Because when you sit there worried about what people are going to think, each time someone shakes your hand or gives you a compliment on your talent, they’re supporting your dream!

As another point of view, fear is a solid indicator that your progressing as an individual because it shows that regardless of how scared you are, taking action on what you want shows that you’re WILLING to suffer through it to get to where you want to be. Whether it’s personally, socially, or financially. You’re willing to stand up, look at the world around you and say, if that’s the future I want, I need to get started!

So being scared is a good thing, because it’s a solid way of knowing that you’re on the right path, going just a little further down the rabbit hole.

  1. If something’s overwhelming, make it smaller.

Everybody can sit there and shake their head about something being too much work, but who says that you have to work on EVERYTHING AT ONCE? Voices across the board have long said that breaking your giant project down into smaller steps is a better way of inspiring confidence in yourself. Say you’re looking at a giant rock wall, when you are at the bottom of the wall, it’s pretty simple to say something like, well that’s too high to climb.

But what happens when you break it down a little bit and say, I need to climb the lower half, then I can worry about the upper half when I get there? Or if half the wall is too big, start with a quarter of the wall, and worry about the next quarter when you get there. Studies show that if you break down your project into as many stages as you need to so that you aren’t just freaking out about it internally anymore, it can be as simple as just focusing on the next step if that’s what it takes, then it becomes marginally easier to work.

Apply these same rules to your side project. When you look at getting better with talking to people, it’s a scary thought. You have to build confidence, learn to be engaging, learn to handle talking to large group, speaking with strangers. I’ll be the first to say that it’s sometimes a giant task but you can break it down. Maybe the first thing you focus on is learning to eliminate your approach anxiety, that’s usually a solid place to start, the other stuff can come later. Pick one element, a logical place to start, and break down things so it’s not just…


It turns into “I’ll work on this small part now, and worry about the rest when I get to it.”, make sense? It doesn’t matter how much progress you’re making on a project, as long as you make progress.

  1. Care enough to start

It’s easy to look at something you want and just say, I WANT THAT. It’s marginally more difficult to start it and say, I’m going to get it. I believe that the best way to battle indifference is by taking an action right now!

Pick something super small like printing off a couple articles to read, look into the market a little bit, take some small action right now in the next couple hours, then schedule some time later on in the next couple days to continue on that path.

That’s you’re starting point, research shows that taking some small action quickly breeds the desire to take more action, so that’s the key to battling your indifference. Take one action now then continue later, you’re right in thinking that it doesn’t all need to be done RIGHT NOW, but it doesn’t need to get done at some point.

One day you might wake up and realize your entire life has gone bye, and you didn’t do anything to make your dreams come true. Start right now, and one day you’ll be able to do more then BRAG about how much you want it! The decision to start is the key to your success.

The Final Word

So, you’ve got your fears, and you have ways to get around your fears, now all you need is a little inspiration to get yourself moving. So I’m going to quote an article from Tiny Buddah to help give you a bit of a kick in the butt. The amazing writer Varonica, who wrote the article and runs, wrote it better then anywhere else I’ve seen.

“Know that action builds confidence” – Varonica Frye

Action is a huge development tool. It’s in action that we grow confident in ourselves, and breeds accomplishment outside of our own minds. If it wasn’t for taking action, I’d personally still be sitting in my parents house, unsure of where to go. I wouldn’t have gone to college and gotten a degree, wouldn’t have moved to a city that I was unreasonably scared of for most of my life, wouldn’t have done any of the things I’ve wanted to over the years, but I stood up and decided to take it!

“Knowledge isn’t Power, Application is Power” – Josh Pellicier, The Tao of Badass


Stevenson Grey