10 Awesome Topics of Conversation

10 Awesome Topics of Conversation

Before I start anything here, I wanted to apologize for my tardiness these last two weeks; I had my backup drive, and then my laptop go down within 24 hours of each other. Hence why nobody even got a word even over the social media sites that we were down. So…my bad guys, I apologize and I’ll try to not let it happen again.

Regardless as I write this, I’m using my roommates’ laptop to write this, things have been super complicated so I’ll just bang this out and give you some useful tools to use in the field!

Da da da DAA!

  1. Social Awkwardness

This is my favorite subject to bring up, and it’s easily one of my most used topics that I use while interacting with others. Social Awkwardness is that giant elephant in the room that everybody notices but nobody acknowledges as soon as it gets quiet.

Best part is, when everybody is being awkward unintentionally, it’s not hard, and usually welcome if you just poke fun of the whole situation. Self depreciating humor is a pretty decent offset to the situation.

Starting with yourself, don’t be afraid to tease the situation. It’s  wonderful how everybody laughs, because secretly, this topic put everyone on an even keel. Everybody has been awkward before, and at some point, everybody is going to be awkward again. Sneaky, huh?

  1. Odd Jobs

In a pinch try to think of the weirdest jobs you can think of, it’s a solid ice breaker. Try not to just blurt it out, if you can segway it with a bit of light banter, this is a solid way of jumping into wide rapport. Odd Jobs are an amazing part of the world, because some occupations are just weird.

Lighter repair man? Watchmaker?

Both awesome job titles, weird as hell jobs. This is a good topic to use for people you don’t know really well, because jobs are usual one of the first things that come up in a conversation, especially a platonic one with zero romantic interest.

  1. Weird Dates

Weird Dates are a pretty decent conversation topic, not bad dates. Whether your trying to attract a girl or talking with new people in general, ragging on your ex or just bitching about bad dates isn’t going to win you any friends, so I would leave that one alone.

But if you bring up an interesting or weird story about a date, it’s a solid ice breaker that you’ll find many people share. A lot of people I’ve met have at least one weird date story. Or they’ll know a story told to them by a brother or friend that you can chuckle about.

  1. Goofy Out Of The Blue Questions

“What’s your favorite Dinosaur?”

-Alex Harvey

These questions have always been some of my favorite, These questions are eye opening personality questions, it’ll always get a laugh or a smile out of the other in the conversation, and it’s never failed to start a conversation.

Whether you get the answer isn’t the point, these quirky little questions allow you to catch someone off guard, and usually start a pretty big bout of witty comments. I give full credit of this topic to my roommate Alex, guys a friggin genius when he doesn’t think about it.

  1. Dream Vacations

The objective of this one is pretty clear. Everybody has a dream vacation, and it reveals the adventurous side of everyone. My favorite part is watching the dreamy smile kind of float across their face for a second.

Dream Vacations are, quite like Odd jobs, useful when your meeting new people, because it’s a topic that borders on wide and deep rapport. Most people are willing to divulge this little secret, because all of us enjoy dreaming, more importantly, we enjoy lingering on our dreams.

The Dream Vacation is also a lovely thing to listen to as well, because it gives you an interesting look into their goals.

  1. Music Trading

Music Trading is a fairly obvious one, because who doesn’t like music? I’ve had hours worth of conversations, and especially if you speak on the subject with a musician!

Not only will you be able to find out something new, you’ll usually hear on the theory behind the music itself. You’ll discover a whole new treasure trove of music, and you can always divulge your own musical tastes. Not only will you be able to give out some advice on new bands yourself, you’ll never know when you might just find a new concert buddy!

  1. Oddest Skills

What odd skill do you have? Can you tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue? Can you speak sentences backwards?

Whatever it is, Odd skills are a unique and interesting way to keep a conversation going.

You’d be surprised how many people have a skill, and it’s always really cool to watch. Reminisce on different skills people have, or the different skills they’ve seen.

This conversation piece was introduced to me in the recent movie The Wedding Ringer, with Kevin Hart and Josh Gad. They Deem it your Party Trick Distraction.

  1. What was the first time you broke the law?

This conversation piece is mint. Easily one of the best lines you could use in a conversation, everybody breaks the law, whether its pocketing some candy accidentally, or run the occasional stop sign. Many people look back fondly on the first time they broke the law, mostly because we do it unintentionally. On the other hand, it’s also a useful line when your flirting with a woman, because its easy to joke around with her being such a rebel.

Just a thought.

  1. Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures, I’m not talking about weird stuff, I mean things more in the vein of songs, shows, and cheesy movies. Those songs that everybody hates, but you secretly loved it, and it never strays too far from your mind.

Perfect example, two of my own guilty pleasures are Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine, and The Holiday with Jack Black, love both of those things, and yet I find very few people who enjoy either of those things.

Point here is that everybody has guilty pleasure, I bet your buff as hell roommate has a secret love for the movie The Notebook. Everybody’s got at least one, and as embarrassing as they can be the fact of the matter is that they level the playing field. If you show your guilty side, it’ll make them trust you enough to show theirs!

  1. Your Perfect Night Out

This one works a little better on members of the populace of the female persuasion, you’ll find very few dudes wanting to discuss their “Perfect Date” with each other, it’s odd. Note though you can always rephrase this question to something like “what would be the perfect night on the town to you? Modify this one to suit your needs based on the situation.

This works because if you are speaking on this subject with someone that your dating, you can catalog that thought for later (DON’T TRY AND MAKE IT HER PERFECT NIGHT OUT ON THE FIRST DATE). You’re perfect night out shows your preferences and interests.

It gives you (like many of what the other topics on this list show) an idea of who they are, and grants you a small window into who they are underneath shields hat everybody puts around themselves!


I want to clarify a few things before I jet, these topics are just ones that I’ve found to be good conversation continuers when things die down while you’re talking to somebody. You want to mix up as many different topics as possible, wide rapport is heavily reliant on bouncing between a lot of different topics.

If you keep using the same subjects for every conversation you have with people, even you’ll get bored. This list is useful throughout your process of learning to be more outgoing. Ultimately, I think I’ll ad on this list later, having 100 topics to use in conversation would be a pretty useful master list wouldn’t it?

You’ve got ten things to talk about with people right? You have a new tool, go play with it! Run outside and go use it!


Stevenson Grey