Why Thinking Positively Isn’t Enough

Why Thinking Positively Isn’t Enough

God its good to be back, I hate how busy I get sometimes, with the holidays right around the corner, I’m barely finding time anymore to keep the site updated! Welcome back, however, to The Social Write! This week, we’re going to go into the subject of why Thinking Positively (while a useful tool) is not enough on it’s own!

We all know someone, or possibly a few someones who believe that if you just think positively, then good things will come to you, kind of like if you influence your mindset then you influence the world. Sounds like an airtight plan correct?


Unfortunately enough, it isn’t. Let me backpedal here just a little bit, because I’ll be the first person to say that while thinking positively doesn’t provide a solid foundation, thinking negatively isn’t going to do anything for you at all. When has thinking negatively ever helped someone? Sure, it keeps them from getting hurt by other people, and from their environment, but in the same process, negative thinking actually prevents you from exploring past the boundaries of your comfort zone, and certainly doesn’t win you many friends. So don’t do that…for real, stay away from that, it doesn’t help anyone, least of all yourself.

On the other hand, positive thinking can be a useful tool, it’s an easy place to start, and on top of everything, it provides you with a better, broader list of outcomes for your life and your pursuits then thinking negatively.

Now the thing to note here, is that when that happens, when something super negative happens, that moment when your hope falters (and it will falter, believe me, I’ve had it happen more times then I’d care to admit) one of two things will happen. You’re either going to collapse, or you’re going to stand firm. Sound confusing doesn’t it, let me elaborate a little more!

Thinking positively works, until it doesn’t. What happens when your positive thinking led you to thought that your day was going to be amazing, and then you go to work and the next eight hours equate to hell on earth?

What happens when your super excited to get some money, and a client stiffs you on the bill? What happens if you lose a loved one, or your pet runs away? Things like these and more take your positive individual, and break him down, often times pulling the rug out from under them. Then the experience takes a hold of you, and eventually, your positive friend is decidedly not so positive and bubbly anymore not are they?

More then that, you don’t want to fall into the trap (if you’re working towards a goal, such as becoming a social adept individual, for example), of just thinking all the time.  This is the problem with talking all the time, of just thinking positively without moving towards your goal.

“That’s the problem with goals, after a while they become the thing you talk about instead of the thing you do.” – Cherry Darling (Grindhouse, 2009)

If you just get into the habit of thinking good things will happen to you, your going to wake up one day, 20 years down the line having done nothing with your life yet, and wonder, I thought about doing all these things, I thought super positive about them and talked about it with a TON of people, yet I didn’t do anything to work towards it, what happened?

Sounds awful huh?

So then, how do stand tall in the face of hopelessness and negativity, how do we keep ourselves from shutting down entirely when something doesn’t go our way, how do we keep ourselves from waking up 20 years down the line with 20 years worth of regrets?

One word…


I’m sure everyone has read my article on how Action is Imperative, so if you haven’t just click on the link, but here’s a perfect example as to why Action is so imperative. I just went through it the past few weeks. A couple weeks ago, my computer went down, because I didn’t have another computer in my possession that was connected to the internet, I basically went into freakout mode. I couldn’t work towards much of what I wanted to, I watched helplessly for two weeks as my fan base slowly dropped away.

Had I been any earlier in my social coaching ideology, there would’ve been a solid chance that I would’ve said forget it and just given up or restarted the blog, but I said NO! I believe in this blog, and I’ve accomplished too much in my short while as an advocate in this field to just give up. I was thinking positively, but I also had a solid foundation of things I had accomplished to back up that hopefulness.

Taking action, is your greatest tool. Imagine how much more powerful you’d be if you had a foundation of prior success, a foundation of proof, and truth, that you can handle whatever it is life is throwing at you, you lost a pet, and an almost positive lead fell through, sure, be sad, but don’t let one failure throw you off the bus. Get back out there the next day with missing pet posters.

If your book doesn’t just bring wave after wave readers dying for more don’t stop, just figure out what went wrong and tackle your problems in a new way, a different way. You only have this one life, and if you let every failure derail you, you’re quickly going to find yourself on a path leading no where.

You have things you want to accomplish, you want to know who you are, and more then that, you want to know that you’re able to handle the world’s problems.  Even small victories can help, building the foundation behind your hope that everything will have a positive outcome, with that in your belt, you’re turning into a force of success.

So to tie everything together, i’ll leave you with this..

Thinking Positively helps immensely, but like with anything in life, putting all your eggs in one basket is risky, having a foundation of action taking and combining it with a strong, hopeful, and positive attitude, and you’d be surprised just how much you can accomplish.


Stevenson Grey

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