The Superman Stance

The Superman Stance

The superman stance, the stance that confident men use when they seem proud, and tall. They look 10 feet tall, and project a wall of confidence. You wouldn’t surprised to learn that that stance in fabricated to a certain point. It’s suggested that it’s inborn, which in body language terms means that it’s something we do becuase it’s built into our DNA, and not because we’re taught it.

So when you see someone holding this stance seeming to have all the confidence in the world, and question to yourself as to how you could do the same, realize that while you may not do it naturally,but it can be replicated relatively easily!

A huge portion of that confidence comes from having the knowledge to stand correctly. Mastering this stance, something that can be done just by standing still, is actually the backbone to learning almost every other body language technique used to portray confidence, if you’re going to start anywhere in your quest to learn body language, this is probably the ideal place to start, coming from experience.

The Theory Behind the Superman Stance

I’ve spoken several times on the two schools of thought when it comes to keeping yourself under control. As a quick recap, the first is if you can control your mind you can take hold of your body. The second is the opposite, if you can control your body, you can take hold of your mind.

This stance is a tool to be used, especially when your freaking out. It shows the outside world that you present a wall of confidence, that you aren’t just going to falter when people present you with an obstacle. The crazy part about this is that it actually works, if you’re in a situation and notice that your body language isn’t confident, simply straighten yourself out you’ll quickly find that because of the stance you’re holding, you start to think more confidently.

The reason why you do so is because of your implied body language. There’s an effective negotiation tactic (I’ll go more in depth with this later, I just want to give you a brief glimpse as to the power of body language) that salesman use to make people more receptive.

When your trying to speak with someone and trying to convince them of something and they have their arms crossed you’ll find that their thought patterns won’t allow you to convince them of anything. But, if you give them something to hold, causing them to break that barrier they’ve created, they’ll be much more receptive to the thoughts you’re putting in their head whether it’s a product or an opinion.

A simple switch can change someone’s perception of a situation. Not only will your mindset change when you pull yourself into this stance, but the people around you will immediately pick up that you’re being more confident, and that you’ve taken on a dominant stance, even if they don’t consciously realize it. So then, what is the exact process behind the superman stance? What exactly is the pose that the beloved superhero takes, and the pose that we emulate to show the world our confidence?

What is the Superman Stance?

What is the Superman Stance, You Ask?

See this Diagram? That, is the Superman Stance (Read to the bottom for the link to the diagram completely free, Feliz Navidad everyone!)

The Superman Stance Poster-page-001

There’s kind of a lot to cover here, so let’s start from the ground up, literally!

  1. Feet

The Feet, as you can see, aren’t directly next to each other, they’re spread apart, much like body language when your walking, the feet are spread apart (as a rule of thumb, line your feet up with your shoulders).

Your feet being spread apart show everyone around you that you demand space, obviously you don’t want to stand with your feet too far apart, because then you look ridiculous. When you line your feet up with your shoulders however, you give the impression that you require more space, that you take the space that you need because it helps you accomplish your goals. The goals that you so clearly have in your mind (even if you aren’t exactly sure what they are.

On top of showing that you need more space, you make it clear to others around you that your not going to be giving your ground, it looks as if you’ve braced yourself, and that you don’t plan on giving up your position under any circumstances. Take the space you need, in the end it’s way more effective in the long run.

  1. Hips and Hands

 With your palms open, and your groin forward, you present two different ideals in the same cluster (more on this word later). Your palms being open, and not closed, show that your open to new ideas, and that your not afraid or threatened (another variation on this position is if you have your hands in your back pockets, makes you look more relaxed and casual).

If you clench your fists it shows that your both reserved and preparing yourself for an imminent fight, so cut that small habit out! With open palms you’re calm, and showing that you’re not afraid of the others in the room.

Your groin being pushed out is subliminally a sign that your exposing your weak points, because once again, you aren’t afraid of any perceived threat that those around you might pose. It also projects that you have power over those around you, that your dominance is stronger and more prominent then your competition, but remember subtlety is key here!

  1. Chest and Shoulders

 Onto the Chest and Shoulders, as you can see, the stance requires you to stand up straight, which includes three parts. The Chest, The Shoulders, and the Back, once you get this part of the stance down pat, you’ll find it hard not to stand up straight.

NUMERO UNO! The first part of this whole thing is pushing your chest out, much like your groin, it shows that you’re not afraid of the others in the discussion, it also gives you the impression of having a solid wall! With your feet and you chest, your building a wall of confidence, something that doesn’t let thoughts of insecurity through.

NUMERO DOS! Your shoulders should be spread out, and pulled back just enough so that you feel some tension on the back of your neck! Pulling your shoulders back helps you with building your wall of confidence and taking the space you demand from the world.  It also helps you stand up straight, so pull them back.

NUMERO TRES! Is that getting annoying yet? Your back should be straight, so that your presenting yourself as tall as possible. When you stand up straight it actually shows the world that you’re not going to pull yourself in, scared of everything around you!

  1. Head

 The Head is probably the simplest part of the stance to manage, turn your head up just a little bit. Your chin is turned up, not too much of course,  just enough so that it’s clear that your not afraid to expose your throat.

Simple enough, right?

The Final Word

The Superman Stance is a heck of a tool. Arguably, it’s one of the most useful tools in my utility belt of Social Skill development, once I had it down, I noticed such a rapid change in how people reacted to me! They would speak to me like a person, they would give me more respect, and they would just give me a little more attention because of how I held myself in conversation.

When you’re using the superman stance, not only does it show confidence, it also inspires confidence, as I stated earlier in times where you find yourself freaking out (which happens to everyone) you’ll find that because you dropped into this stance, your brain will start dropping more confident thoughts! The awesome part of this is that the thoughts are completely valid!

Yes, you heard me right, the confident thoughts that you’re thinking at that point are completely, one hundred percent true and valid thoughts, your body wants you to be a confident person, so does your brain, but sometimes we get caught up in ourselves, and forget how confident we can truly be!

The Superman Stance is kind of like a cheat code like that. On top of all the other benefits of the stance, it’s also the foundation of a huge amount of the body language work i’m going to be writing on (yep, you guys get to listen to me stammer on about this all the time, fun right?).

So getting this down gives you a massive step up on how you control your body language, how to read body language, and most importantly how to think ahead on positioning yourself in the confusing vein of courtship body language (yet another subject I’m going to be going into depth on).

So, to wrap everything up, i’m going to leave you to think on this. You have the ability to be confident, we both know that (after all, why would you be looking into effective way to work on it if you didn’t.) So Click Below to download the 11 X 17 poster I’ve created for you! Download it, and stick it next to your full length mirror so you can dominate the field, and focus on holding the superman stance in every conversation you have!

The Superman Stance Poster

Feliz Navidad,

Stevenson Grey