How to Make Tough Choices

How to Make Tough Choices

Everyone has faced tough decisions, I do mean everyone. It’s a part of life, It’s impossible to believe that there’s someone out there who hasn’t had to do so, hell it’s even hard to believe that someone hasn’t faced a tough choice and chosen wrong! Making the wrong choice sucks, as much as facing such a tough decision!

But in life, making those decision help shape us, they’re some of the cornerstones of our lives, and they give us invaluable experience that often times we wouldn’t trade anything for. So when you’re faced with just such a choice, each of us would love to know exactly which choice to make, which is practically impossible. But what you can do, is use one or several methods to help you lean towards one particular option.

When you’re putting a huge change versus playing it safe, it does you no good to just sit there and panic for a long time, agonizing over what to do, right? So what you need then are several methods to help sway you towards what you think is the right choice!

In fact, I just made the choice yesterday to leave my job, and go to another company outside of my field that’s a little more in line with what I’d like to do with my life rather then stick with a company that wanted to keep me there for a long time! I used every single one of these methods to figure out my decision.


Method One – Create a list of pros and cons

The Pros and Cons list is a Method as old as time itself I feel like. Every time I hear anything about making a choice, the first thing that is suggested is that someone make a list of pros and cons. The list is to help you organize your thoughts. All too often someone sits there with panicked, random thoughts that are rather sporadic, and therefore don’t have an effective mindset.

This can lead to a rushed choice because you both want it to be over, and it’s stressing you too much to make a clear, educated choice. The list however, allows you process all of those thoughts your feeling. It also draws out those extra thoughts that you might now of remembered, also giving stake in leaning one way or the other.

Method Two – Talk it over with a few close friends

This is a method I swear by, making the choice to leave the company, I talked it over with my Father, Sister, My Best Friend, My Cousin, and My Girlfriend. Normally I wouldn’t even use that many people, but this was such a tough decision I thought it was worth it, and I think I was correct.

Talking it over with a few close people can be infinitely helpful because of the different experiences each of them had, and their care for your well being. Your friends and family who you’re close with know you best! They want what’s best for you, so what’s going to spur them on? your well being. I usually keep it to one to three people, this was honestly the first time I asked so many people about it, you don’t want too many opinions on the matter, muddy’s things up a bit.

Method Three – Sleep on it

Sleep on your choice for a night, but only a night. You hear everyone say it, taking the time to think on a decision rather then just spitting out an answer usually helps because you have time to analyze all the choices and their possible outcomes.

Don’t take too much time though, spending too much time on a decision and you might miss out on the opportunity entirely, or you might over analyze anything and never come to a decision.

Method Four – Think on how it will be perceived

This one is a little confusing. What I mean here is that you think about how it’s going to be received in the public light. Before you just up and quit your job, no resignation letter, just a solid forget you as you storm out. Think on how others will see that!

You certainly won’t get hired back in the company, and others will be rather unwilling to hire you in with that on your record. Besides, you’ll find that quite a few people would view that as cowardly. So before you just jump to a conclusion, think on the repercussions of what it is your doing.

But Wait

Here’s a couple more! These methods allow you to build on what you’ve learned from each choice you’ve made, so these build on each other. These are more meant to help you better your decision making progress over time, so that the next time something comes up, you’ll have a better idea on what to do!

Method Six – Look Back

Looking back after each decision is always an amazing idea, This Method allows you to analyze both the outcome of the decision (either showing you to be a little more willing for change, or making your mind lean towards the opposite), and the steps you took to make that decision. If things blow up in your face, it’s probably because something in your mindset or your process to make the decision was flawed.

It does happen, maybe you got overwhelmed and spent all the time panicking about what to do, or maybe you became too blinded in your desire to be safe, and therefore immediately chose to play defensive when being a little reckless could’ve benefited you so much more. In the end, looking back, you can decide whether you made the right choice, or the wrong one.

Method Seven – Learn to go With Your Gut

Learning to go with your gut is something your going to have to master no matter what lifestyle you live. This skill allows you to build a quite sense of confidence in what your doing, which helps prevent any panicking one might do in cases of high pressure.

More then that, it helps you reaffirm your belief in what your doing. if you don’t think it’s the right choice, your gut is going to make completely sure that you’re aware of it, and it becomes quite a useful tool that you can call upon in the years to come!

I am aware that this kind of contradicts the point above of seeking advice, but you need to remember, sometimes you don’t want to rush into things, even your gut can be confused by huge world altering choices in your life.

The Final Word

Remember not to worry so much whether you made a bad decision, it’s your life, ultimately your going to want to live it the way that you want to live it, you can’t always control the outcome of what happens. but what we can do is try our best to regret as little as possible in life.

While we all have to face choices, just remember that your not alone, everybody that you care about has experiences that can help you on your journey. Nothing is certain, but what I know, is that you want to live life filled with happiness, so every once in a while, you need to be willing to take some risks!

Happy New Year,

Stevenson Grey

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