How to Stay On Track With your New Years Resolutions

How to Stay On Track With your New Years Resolutions

So it’s the end of January already. Holy Crap where does the time fly? I’m sure the voices in the back of your head are tearing you in half trying to get you to both exercise as well as do nothing and sit at home after a long day at work.

Around this time of the month, all those resolutions you’d built yourself up to are either becoming less important, or have already fallen off the map. Things such as the company portfolio, or maintaining the kids desire to be at home twenty minutes exactly after school gets out are becoming more prominent, and are pushing what you hoped to accomplish out of the way.

So of course, we start to tell ourselves that we’ll take care of it next year. Next year will be our shining year. But I have a question for you.

Why does it always have to be next year?

There’s this quote that I love, by John C. Maxwell, “Change is Inevitable; Growth is Optional”. Think about that, Change is Inevitable; Growth is Optional. That means that whether we want it to or not, time is going to keep going.

Everything that you’re worrying about now, chances are that at some point in time in the future, it’s going to dissipate, or change in some other way! New Years Resolutions, are things that in theory we are promising to ourselves. Things we’ve promised to change or improve on in the new year. So why is it that amongst everything we have going on, is it so difficult to just focus on adding yet one or two or three more things to the schedule?

To be completely honest, it can be, I totally get it.  How in the world are we supposed to change something, when it seems like there isn’t enough time in the day now? After all, it’s getting warmer, things are picking up and everything is moving really fast once again, I already have to worry about so many things how can I possibly add one more?

I hear you, one of the biggest frustrations about life is Time management. Trying to find enough time in the day to do everything that you need to do, and trying even harder to squeeze in a few of the things we WANT to do.

I can understand the frustration behind having to push things back, and I’ve come to learn that it isn’t about trying to cram more things into our days. Rather, it takes four key ingredients to manage juggling those extra activities or goals that you want to accomplish!

To actually focus your brain on getting these extra activities done, you need to work around four key figures. Defined Goals, Determination, Time Management and Self Sacrifice. I’ll break down each piece into its own category momentarily, but with these four things in place, you’ll have built a system to make sure that you accomplish your goals!

 Defined Goals

The first concept to be applied towards your New Years Resolutions, or any goal that you have for that matter is to clearly define your goal. Now I want to make it clear, you don’t want to make your too broad or narrow minded. But when you define what you’re looking for in a correct manner, it makes the ability to achieve that goal much easier!

For example, we’ll go back to exercise goal that so many people wish to accomplish when the new year starts. Which goal seems the easiest to accomplish?

Goal A: I want to get in shape this year!

Goal B: I want to get in shape to run a marathon this year and lose at least 5 pounds in the process.

Goal C: I have to lose 15 pounds by the end of the month and then lose another 5 pounds every month after that or I won’t be happy.

Now tell me, which one of these goals seems clearly defined? Chances are you chose B, wanting to get in shape to run a marathon, seems easy enough.

With Goal A you’d just be beating your head against a wall because there’s no clear path to getting in shape, there’s a thousand ways to do it. Goal C is too narrow, there’s no room for hiccups and it’s so intensive that there’s a solid chance you would just say forget it a month into the routine.

Clearly defined goals do two main things for you. One they give you an end goal, something that you can work towards achieving. Two, they give you an avenue that isn’t so intensive that you’re just going to give up within five minutes of starting. An avenue, and an end goal.


This concept can be a little tricky, because each of our senses of Determination can be challenged, and waver at times. I know full well just how difficult it can be to stay on track, to be determined enough to see things through. Yet at the same time, we HAVE to be willing to put ourselves through hell to get these things done.

Our determination to accomplish things is the biggest drive behind getting those things done. In layman’s terms, if you want something, you have to be willing to fight for it. Nobody is going to just give it to you, you need to be willing to show your tenacity and accomplish it yourself. That’s how life works friends!

You, and only you have the will to accomplish everything you need to and more. If you aren’t willing to fight for things and realize how action is a tool, then you won’t get anywhere! Your determination factors in because when it comes down to it, if you aren’t trying to accomplish what you say you want to, then what’s the point of saying it?

Stand up, use the energy you have left and go take care of what you need to. Do it all as quickly as possible and then move onto your goals! Get determined to see this through, taking action today, helps breed action for tomorrow! The faster you finish your goals, the sooner you can move onto other things!

Time Management

Time Management is a huge concept. Managing to try and wrangle everything you want to get done each day is no easy feat. Somehow, we manage to do it each day and accomplish everything that we need to.

Eight hours Monday through Friday at a job, grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school. It’d no wonder that at the end of the day, we don’t want to do any other than just lay down and sleep. After all sometimes we don’t have the ability to use the remainder of our time. Some jobs are physically demanding, sometimes the kids have after school activities that you need to be there for.

Regardless of how you put it, sometimes we are just worn out. Those are the times when we find ourselves not wanting to do anything. Imagine however, if your goal or goals for the year weren’t so physically demanding. What if you look forward each day to work on your goal after you complete everything you need to?

The key to this is scheduling yourself so that you are prepared mentally to take care of your goals for the day! Make sure you have both the time and energy to take care what you have planned for the day. Get enough sleep, Eat well, whatever it takes to make sure that your time isn’t being wasted doing nothing!

That there is the secret to fitting more in your day, making sure you have the energy to do so! Eight hours of sleep, plenty of food in your body for you to draw off of, and making sure that you have the time necessary to accomplish your goals! If you need to fit more into a Monday to clear up time on Wednesday you do it! Stay on the path!

Self Sacrifice

 The last concept I want to discuss today is Self Sacrifice. If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’re already super tired of hearing this term. Everything about Parenthood is sacrificing for your kids! But everything we want to accomplish is going to force to give something else up. The best example I can think of at the moment is myself actually.

My goal for this year is to boost the popularity of, to get it in front of more people! In return, I’ve had to take on a larger work load learning everything I can about marketing, which in turn sucks up a lot of my free time.

I’ve sacrificed the time I normally relax and play video games, or watch movies, to instead keep my face buried in my laptop or a book learning more about Marketing and Social Media and business procedures.

Do I miss doing all that? Yes I do, but would I go back and give up my goal? No, because in the end, it’ll all be worth it!

Everything you take on is going to force you to give something up in return, it’s cause and effect. Improving your lifestyle and yourself isn’t easy, but in the end it’s totally worth it!

One thing that I’ve discovered in the new year is a useful tool to help me keep to things is my calendar. I try and write down everything in my calendar. If it isn’t in there, then clearly it isn’t important enough to me.

So to stay determined, I have my written calendar right on my desk next to my laptop, open to the current day so I know everything I need to get done!

Work on these four concepts, these four things, and I can guarantee that you’re focus on your goals won’t waver any longer! Don’t put it off till next year, because eventually you won’t have a next year! Focus on the here, and now!

Define your Goals, Stay Determined, Work on your Time Management, and be willing to Sacrifice your free time to accomplish what you need to!


Stevenson Grey