The Futility of Using Pickup Lines

The Futility of Using Pickup Lines


You ever see someone trying to “Legitimately” use a pickup line to try and attract someone? If not, it’s actually cringe worthy.

Before I even get started with this whole thing, let me make something clear. I do have some lines in my arsenal that I use when communicating with people. Proven lines that aren’t cheesy or sexual or disingenuous. The difference between those lines and awful pickup lines is the fact:

1: I never start a conversation from a candid line, I find some way to guide an entrance into it.


2: I always use the mindset of making people laugh, or actually getting to know them.

But let me set you up with a little scenario. You’re sitting with your friends at the mall food court, and you look over to see an absolutely gorgeous girl. Suddenly in your peripherals, you spot a man walking over and stopping in front of the table she’s eating at.

Just out of casual curiosity, you take a moment and listen in to their conversation. He walks up with an odd sense of confidence, you hear the following conversation.

Him: Hey There

Hey: Hi

Him: Did it hurt…

Hey: I’m sorry?

Him: Did it hurt…when you fell from heaven?

Guaranteed, you cringed just a bit when you heard it in your head. Just ow, the deadpan look of the pretty girl says everything. She hated it, maybe she’ll give you a pity laugh, but obviously it just makes her uncomfortable.

So what’s the lesson that can be learned from this scenario?

Stop Using pickup lines


Pretty simple if you think about it. Just Stop using tired, old, useless lines. They don’t work, like at all. If you use awful pickup lines and are completely confused as to why they don’t work, let me spell it out for you.

They are clearly rehearsed

You clearly had to memorize that line, non of it is off the cuff. It’s ridiculously obvious when you say it to, because it comes out almost robotic. It’s clear that you’ve used that line a thousand times, and more then that when you’re using a fake line you aren’t showing anybody anything.

Don’t try and fool yourself into thinking that most women have never heard…

“I’m here, what’re your other two wishes?”

They’re old and should be retired

Everybody uses the same lines over and over and over again when they can’t think of anything else to say! It’s clear that in the end, you aren’t even trying to accomplish anything.

Even if you didn’t get shot down in conversation (which you will…a lot), what else do you have to offer? ANOTHER pickup line?

Basically, they’re so old and familiar to most people that it gets view as a last ditch attempt at communicating when you have nothing else in your utility belt.

It seems disingenuous

Most of the girls that I see on a regular basis have a surprising amount of complaints about pickup lines. One of the most common (and easily the most shocking) is that you never seem useful when using the lines.

It just makes you seem like you care so little about the interaction that you resort to some ridiculous line that even your aware won’t work, or you spit out something sexually explicit right off the bat. It’s a major turn off, flirting is one thing, being lazy or boorish is another thing entirely.

It’s for those three reasons that I don’t use cheesy pickup lines to try and start a conversation, it doesn’t work…ever. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to be rid of those lines forever. Like most older methodology, you just need to re-purpose them!

I use pickup lines as a topic, rather then an entrance. When speaking and attracting women I use cheesy pickup lines as a basis for self-depreciating humor. Or even acting as if I’m being completely serious, then cracking an goofy smile to show that i’m not actually being serious.

In short, use them ironically. If you’re already in conversation and you and someone are trading awful pickup lines back and forth, it’s an awesome way to build both trust and rapport!

Do you honestly think that “Hey girl, are those space pants? Cuz your legs are out of this world…” would seriously get the girl? Come on man.

The true secret to a solid line is to build one the comes from a place of humor, confidence, and most importantly Is unique based on the situation! That’s where you’ll find the best conversations are started!

What are you waiting for? I not only showed you how to stop making mistakes with pickup lines, but showed you a better way to use them! Get out there and give it a shot!


Stevenson Grey

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