Getting Let Go From Your Job

How Losing My Job Has Been the Best Thing In My Life

“Steven, you’ve been doing a great job. We’re all proud of you and we’d hire you again if you had a bit more experience, but we’ve decided to take the company in a different direction”.

That was the beginning of the most frustrating month of my life. Running around in a panic with my head cut off and literally zero idea on how to proceed forward. I kept going through this loop of waking up, panicking for 3 hours, looking for work and then passing out. The first two weeks were super frustrating as I tried to keep from a complete meltdown. Needless to say, it didn’t quite work, I had panic attack after panic attack.

As it turns out, losing your job is a thing that’s pretty common in life, but there’s zero advice out there on how to bounce back from that. There’s no reliable help from the government, there’s precious little advice from people in the think of it. Any advice that other people can give you comes from people who’ve already managed to get on the other side of it. That’s not at all where I am at the moment, I’m currently in the thick of  not having a job. To be honest though, that feeling isn’t something that I’d wish on anyone.

Without going too far into the depressive mindset that can happen I’ll sum it up in one single sentence. It makes you feel…worthless.

But I learned something that day, I learned that while you could work your butt off and do everything right. That while you could do everything you are supposed to do in the workplace and try as hard as you can, that it can still be taken away from you. That’s literally what getting laid off is. You’ve been working hard and we appreciate everything you’re doing, but we’ve just decided that your not relevant. You aren’t being fired, but you’re losing your job.

So what does this mean? What does it mean that even though you’ve done nothing wrong yet your being punished and getting laid off anyways? It means one thing, JOB SECURITY IS A LIE!!

It is, if you can really lose your job at anytime what’s the point of busting your tail? If the only way to keep your job is to exponentially increase your job responsibilities and work an extra 10-20 hours a week for no raise, then to me that doesn’t make any sense. Working your butt off for a job you don’t love? Especially if it’s a job that isn’t giving you any fulfillment. If I have to risk having this feeling every time I start a new job, then I find it hard to justify using that much energy towards something that doesn’t make my day.

Why do you work my tail of for an ungrateful boss making them a bunch of money while being happy with a pittance of the percent.

Let’s do this math, we’re told our entire lives that we need to find a secure job and then keep our heads down. It doesn’t matter the kind of work you do, you aren’t supposed to love your job.  It’s just  the secure way to support the rest of your life…but you can lose that job if you do absolutely nothing wrong. But…if you’re working the job that you dislike because its stable but it can get taken away from you for no reason where’s the security? Where’s the reason for you to work that crap job if it isn’t even going to be there.

What happened to company loyalty? What happened to working your tail off and doing everything the company needs and therefore advancing or at least feeling stable in your job?

The short answer? Job security doesn’t exist anymore.

But Losing Your Job Isn’t the End of the World

It really isn’t, today I’ve reached the month mark of losing my job, and it’s only been in the past few days that I’ve managed to calm myself down. When you lose your job, that is step one. You can’t do anything effectively when you’re focused on nothing but panic, after all you tend to focus on the end result. So the first thing you absolutely need to do is calm yourself down. Let me tell you that it isn’t going to be an overnight practice either.

Image credit goes to Rob Milson

It will in fact probably take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks to level your mind. During this period, I highly suggest you take the time to take some time to yourself. The best way to get over a panic is to work through it. Instead of trying to force yourself to not panic (which doesn’t work), It’s much easier by far to simply take that step back and give yourself time to analyze the things your freaked out about. When Things Fall Apart, the very first step is to calm your emotional mind to go from a place of “I CAN’T TAKE IT” to a place of “I can figure this out”.

So then, how do we do this? Scott Dinsmore (Whom we miss everyday) had written an article based on the exact steps you should do when you’ve lost or quit your job unexpectedly. When you first lose your job, it can be hard to keep a level head. Your instant desire is to print out a ton of resumes run out and get a job at a fast food place. Obviously you need to pay the bills right?


That’s absolutely the last thing you want to do. Scott Dinsmore’s advice to everyone (and the same advice that I followed) was to do nothing! The first few days, don’t do a single thing. Take a step back, relax, and just get yourself into the mindset of calm action rather than panicked reaction. An ounce of prevention keeps you from doing a ton of cleaning. Just relax, enjoy this sudden break you have for a couple of days.

Me and

He recommends a couple of months of doing nothing, but personally I don’t agree with that. I couldn’t really wait 2 months without getting paid, so I waited two weeks. I relaxed at my house for a week, seeing various friends and family, even going to a wedding. Then the second week I left town to Colorado, so I was able to completely get away from the entire situation as needed. Though the plan was already in place, I also went based on that same advice from Scott. Get out of town, either by yourself or with someone close.

What that did for me was that it allowed me to completely view my problem objectively, gave me the chance to realize that yes it was a problem. but it wasn’t a problem that I was going to allow to shut me down entirely. It let me take a step back and realize that I abundantly refuse to fall apart and just sink. I had too much stuff to accomplish before I die. But most importantly, It helped me realize that I was just ready to take the leap towards the things that I wanted to do. But most importantly, I was done dealing with a life that I didn’t want, a job that I hated going to everyday. Working is one of the BIGGEST things we do with our time, and I was done hating both my job and my life as a result. I realized it was time to start making moves.

Turning Around a Bad Situation

I’m still working on getting things underway, and I’ll keep everyone up to date on how things are going in future posts, but for now I don’t think they could be going better. I started at the very bottom, but now I’ve got a few things going my way. I’m looking into alternative sources of income to help stabilize myself and I’ve got a solid plan that I’m going with.

A lot of things in life fall apart quickly, and life transitions are never easy. Why most people fall into this routine of needing to have their crappy job now astounds me. Life is a playground, and we only get a single shot at it, so why do so many of us settle for a life that we hate? If you haven’t found your passion and DON’T KNOW what you want to do with you life, that’s perfectly okay to. But it’s up to you to discover what that it, no fooling around. The best part of the search is that it let’s you decide who you want to be. It lets you decide and discover what you love! After all, chances are if you lose your job you’ve got a bit of income coming in from Unemployment or Severance. Which means you’ve got a bit of time to decide how to proceed next.

That’s the real secret to unemployment, putting together your next chance at happiness. Pick up new skills, decide how you want to live. you won’t forget it or regret it, that much I can guarantee! Losing your job isn’t the end of the world, it’s the first day of your life.


Stevenson Grey