About the Writer

11694011_10204441095373915_1129518745163454883_nIn the year 1991, a starry-eyed child with an untamable fire was born into the world. His parents named him Steven, after the Crown of Flowers held so close to his heart. They inspired in him passion, drive, and generosity while instilling in him the values of Hard Work and a desire to fill the potential that he saw in himself.

From the very beginning, Steven took to reading and writing as a solace. A place where he could lose himself in massive, immersive worlds, a unique method to keep his most private thoughts. Even today you’ll always see Steven carrying the latest novel he’s reading, or at least hear of the most recent eBook that he blew through about whatever random subject he’s gotten caught on.

In early 2015, Steven finally found his passion, due to a crazy amount of unforeseeable interactions. He came into the world of Freelance Writing, a trade he’s developed, enjoyed, and finally realized that this is what he’s been preparing for what he truly wants to do with his life! Steven prides himself on his ability to learn. Whether it’s an SEO driven article about Taekwondo or a 10,000 word Ghostwritten eBook on Borderline Personality Disorder, what separates Steven from other writers is his willingness and passion to learn about any subject people need in extreme depth. He’ll often times find himself researching the subject way past business hours, taking pleasure in learning everything he can about the new subject to help further develop his ability to write. He aims to come from a comfortable place of expertise with a large base of knowledge to help build his clients reputations in any way possible.

Outside of writing, he builds upon and discovers abilities and passion for subject such as Social Skills Mastery, Fire Spinning, Reptile Husbandry, Reading, Biking, Soccer and so much more. He’s currently based in Detroit, MI, but always yearns to see more of the open road. His outgoing personality lends itself to everything he does, and he tries to find out what it is that makes others excited and will help others in need whenever possible, as he comes from a humble background, and revels in helping people with his trade.

“Not just a writer, but a problem solver”

-Andrew Wade (Former Supervisor)


“Enthusiastic, Daring, Passionate”

-Chris Moeller (Photographer)


“Adapts to new situations quickly, is a pleasure to work with”

-Travis Garza (Next Dimension Comics)