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My name is Steven Schwanitz, I’d like to take a moment and personally, truly thanks you so much for taking a moment of your time and perusing through The Social Write. This site is built for one reason, a reason that personally reflected on me for the longest time, and looking around, a reason that affects so many people it’s almost unreal.

Social Skills Development.

That’s right, inside this secret little gem on the interwebs, you’ll find advice on how to build your Confidence, Reveal your own sense of individuality, and Build your Social Skills so you can stop wishing you were that person who bounces from person to person, that guy that women whisper about, the charmer that you so wish you could be. Me and you together, we’re going to turn you from the Underdog, into the Hungry Wolf…

That was pretty lame, I know. But who am I to be sitting here, delegating on how to break the “rules” of society. To bend conversations to my whim, and more then that, who am I to be telling others on how to do the same?

The fact of the matter is I used to be just like you, 6 years ago, I was a scrawny, small dude, long greasy hair, an over sized sweatshirt on all year long, super baggy jeans that I constantly hiked up, almost zero friends, bullied constantly, no girlfriend, the whole nine yards. If I could show you a picture of how bad it was, I would, but i’m pretty sure I’ve burned just about every picture that I’ve found from that point in my life.

Oops look at that, totally found one!


I wasn’t a loser, I wasn’t happy however. I was just complacent for the longest time just being that, the small kid who relied on everybody else to make my decision, just going through the steps until I got my shot like everybody else to make something of myself.

Until one day, I was talking to my cousin, Sean. I was unhappy, I was depressed, I didn’t understand why my life was going the way it was, unhappy that I couldn’t get a girlfriend (at the time, I thought that was the only problem I was having) I was basically bitching to him about my life not going the way I wanted it to, because I thought there was nothing I could do to change it.

Looking back, I often wondered just how long I was complaining, I must have been really frustrated, and I do remember being on the edge of tears. We sat in the quiet for a second, and he looked at me, and asked.

“So what exactly are you looking for?”

I pondered for a moment and said

“I wan’t a girlfriend” (as if it’s ever as simple as that, right?)

He gave me a book that changed my life, The Game, by Neil Strauss. If you’re a young frustrated man, and are looking for something to start with, I’ve always recommended that book, the tale it tells is something that hasn’t been replicated anywhere else. The book set me off on my largest quest ever, one that would spark such change that within a month I managed to cut off that gross long hair, and straightened myself out a little bit.

I learned the art of pickup, and while I was getting better results, it all felt so fabricated, it wasn’t me, I created a front, someone else that spoke to women, while I was still the same guy underneath it all, sure it gave me a few tools to work with, I knew the lines and the moves, but none of it felt natural to me.

So I took the elements of Pickup that felt natural, things that felt useful and didn’t hide who I was, and at the end of that build, I had a new tune that i was singing.

“I want to talk to women, without hiding who I am”

Enter, the seduction community.

I stumbled upon the next community one late night (I’m honestly quite the night-owl). I was immediately hooked, for almost a year, I tore through every article and book I could find on Human Psychology, Manipulation through subtle actions, ect. Once again, I learned some results, nothing definitive, but I had the ability to make people like me, but it all felt…dirty.

I felt as though I had to manipulate everyone into certain groups and interact with them differently to get them to like me, I hated it about as much as I hated Pickup.

525245_4850961438383_720618200_nSo once again, I started looking for something more fulfilling. I took what I learned from my last two forays, the things that made sense, were useful, and didn’t feel goddamn evil, and put them to use. For a time, I was happy just looking, in that time, I guess I found myself a little, just had fun, by this time, I had gone from being 18 and a goof, living at my parents place in West Bloomfield, MI, to getting to about 21 and being happy for once, living with two of my best friends in the world in a little town called Brighton, MI.

Then I found the grenade that blow my world wide open.

Personal Development. The process of interacting with people through the process of bettering yourself and your lifestyle.

Natural Game, Personal Development, Self-Help, whatever you call it. it opened up my world to something new, helped me build my confidence, helped me discover my passions, helped my put myself on the course I’m on now, that showed me how to interact with people, romantic or otherwise. I based my entire life on my dreams, and now work everyday to push myself a little closer to what I want. I’ve tried every technique I can find, take the stuff that works and implement it into my process, and discard what doesn’t.

I’m now 24, and I’ve based most of my life on my ability to communicate with other people. I have the ability to create friends with whoever I need to, or want to. I can teach you my findings, what works, can tell you what won’t and social skills development and personal development are easily my favorite topic of conversation, I love ’em.

Through my journey, I’ve learned my passions, what I care about, I tinker with Drums. I re-discovered my love for soccer, I’m in an amazing relationship, I spin fire as a hobby, and none of this was capable without my forays into the communities that I looked Into. All of this and more, all because I built my confidence, discovered what makes me unique, learned the process behind speaking to people. All of this and more, through the process of social skills development.







One thing that always caught me off guard was how much bullshit information there is out there. How many Personal Development individuals who give people hope, then profit on their dreams. Way too many “gurus” give people a false dream. They stand in front of huge crowds, and give people a vague description of purpose. Yet they don’t give anyone practical information on how to accomplish it.

Books Like The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, is one of a series of super vague self-help books that give this community such a bad reputation. I will be the first to say that if your going to try and convince someone to commit to a path, they need more then fancy words, they need to take Action! They need practical advice, calls to action so they can take action!

So I set out, and built The Social Write, a website that can do just that, create a space for people so they have practical advice and processes to amp up their life-style, and have someone whom they can actually speak with, someone to talk to for if they have questions!

I don’t have an e-book yet, I am working on it however, and I may not have coaching classes up yet, but I’ll get to that! This site is young, and there’s a lot of work to do, but if we work together, I can guarantee that you won’t just have to be content wishing you can change your life and become that guy at the party everyone loves, it can become a reality! Subscribe to us, follow us to get the newest updates! We’ll work with you, hand-in-hand, to help you tackle your internal Confidence issues, and build up the process of how to get out there and speak to people!

So then, where to start?

Below this letter, I’ve outlined a series of Ten articles to get you started. 7 will describe the foundations you want to aspire to. 1 will list all the bullshit reasons why your excuses don’t make sense, 1 will aspire to get you off the couch, and 1 will give you other valid resources to help you improve on your life style! For those who say that being social isn’t necessary, you should totally take a look at this article, it proves that being lonely, and being a loner, is actually bad for your health!



Start out here, by clicking on the links below!

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I hope you’ll click the Follow button, to subscribe to our updates, and look forward to seeing you around the site, if you have any questions, don’t even hesitate to contact me! I love hearing from inquisitive minds!